10 Beautiful Autumn Yoga Retreats

By Susanne Rieker


Looking to get away from it all this autumn? This time of year asks us to reflect on which chapters, projects and cycles are ready to come to a close, what do we need to finish or let go of. Take some time off from the daily grind and hustle and give yourself the gift of self-reflection and self-care on a yoga retreat.

In honor of the National Yoga Month September, here are ten yoga retreats worth considering, from yoga and meditation in Maine to a long yoga weekend in Croatia. You’re likely to return blissed-out either way.

10 Autumn Yoga Retreats

Autumn yoga retreat

Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Ericeira, Portugal

September 7 – September 10 | From €360

Only have time for a quick yoga break? Join Laurence in sunny Portugal and axperience 4 days of yoga, breath work, meditation and more while relaxing on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Yoga retreat in Mykonos in September

Luxury Yoga Retreat in Mykonos, Greece

September 15 – September 22 | From €1950

If you’re looking for a yoga retreat at a 5* hotel in a beautiful place, but don’t want to go somewhere far away from everything, this yoga retreat in Mykonos offers just the perfect balance – a luxury setting with plenty to see and do, but also plenty of quiet time and space to relax.

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Autumn Yoga Retreat in Morocco

10 Days Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Morocco

September 22 – October 1 | From €2200

If you have a bit more time and really need to escape it all, this beautiful 10-day retreat might be perfect. Take a jouney to your heart and deepen your yoga practice in the heart of Morocco. The yoga program will lead you through all the layers of yourself, guiding you back to your center, your peace, and your heartfelt intentions.

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Autumn yoga retreat in Maine, USA

Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork Retreat in Maine, USA

September 22 – September 28 | $1250

Rolling Meadows, a 100 acre yoga retreat center over-looking the hills of coastal Maine, provides a rural setting for personal and spiritual renewal. USA Today, Boston .com and Travel & Leisure.com have called Rolling Meadows Retreat one of the top ten places to take a yoga retreat.

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Catalina Island Autumn Yoga Retreat

Catalina Island Escape in California, USA

September 22 – September 29 | $3500

Relax, restore, and renew on the Golden Coast of California. Ginny and Bella offer two daily yoga practices of Power and Restorative Yoga, free sessions of Reiki, Past Life Regression, Journey to the Akashic Records, and a Hypnotist Medium experience. There’s also time to surf, hike, or just relax in the sun.

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Autumn Yoga Retreat in Sicily

Ideas of Happiness – Yoga Retreat in Sicily

September 22 – September 29 | $1950

Arrive just in time to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox on this special yoga retreat in Sicily, Italy. This retreat combines yoga, healthy living, positive affirmation of life, cultural studies, and spending time in nature. Besides visiting famous archaeological sites, you will also hike Mount Etna and visit an olive farm to watch the olive harvest/olive oil tasting.

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Luxury Yoga Retreat in Turkey in Autumn

8 Days All Inclusive Luxury Yoga & Well-Being Retreat – Turkey

September 29 – October 6 | €2820

If you really want to pamper yourself, join Buddhiful Retreats in a fantastic 5* resort near Bodrum, Turkey for a week of total well-being experience! You’ll stay in a beautiful resort, just an hour north of Bodrum, with golden beaches and surrounded by undulating hills full of wild olives. And don’t forget the private pools and a 10,000sq m impressive spa!

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Bali Yoga Retreat in October

Yoga and Meditation Retreat in the middle of Bali

October 15 – October 21 | From €1110

Join Martinas yoga retreat on the famed “Island of the Gods” for an unforgettable experience while you journey toward your body, mind and spirit. Get ready to explore breath-taking scenery, magnificent beaches, lush rice terraces, marvellous jungles and the unique Balinese culture.

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Yoga Retreat in Cyprus in October

Mindfulness in Nature retreat to sunny Cyprus

October 19 – October 22 | From €475

Late October is the perfect time to escape from the grey and cold autumn of Northern Europe and to enjoy the sun & mild temperatures (above 20 C) of Cyprus for a short yoga break. Learn about mindfulness, explore nature and enjoy delicious & healthy food.

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Autumn Yoga Retreat in India

Soul Awakening – A journey through the Chakras in India

November 3 – November 10 | €750

Soulinunity invites you to experience the 7 Chakras in your own way on this yoga retreat, offering a unique fusion of Yoga & Qi Gong. You’ll discover a completely new way to feel and connect your seven energy centers to create unity in your true self and liberate your soul from any charge you may carry with you.

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