Feeling frazzled and in need of a yoga retreat – but your budget doesn’t allow one or the next exotic getaway is still far away? Here are 10 tips how to design your own yoga retreat at home. Make the most of your weekend to rest and recharge in one of the most invigorating, centering ways possible – treat yourself to a yoga retreat. The best part is, you don’t even need to go anywhere or pay anyone!

All you need to know to have the ultimate yoga retreat at home:

1. Clear your schedule

Plan a weekend for your yoga retreat at home and clear your schedule of other commitments, just as if you were leaving town.

2. Create a meal plan

Morph into your own personal health food chef. Map out what and where you’ll eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner over the weekend and do your grocery shopping in advance or plan a visit to the farmers market on Saturday morning to stock up on fresh produce.

3. Unplug

Switch off your phone; resist checking your emails and commit to keep online time as brief as possible this weekend. Studies show the health benefits of unplugging: it could lower blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol, and might help you sleep better. When we disconnect from devices, we get the chance to reconnect to ourselves. Perfect for a retreat.

4. Create a sacred space for your yoga

For this weekend dedicate a space in your home for your yoga. It doesn’t have to be big and the yoga mat doesn’t have to stay permanently rolled out, but find a place where you can meditate and practice. Create a little shrine on a small table – add candles, flowers, a yoga or spiritual statuette that appeals to you, a notebook and pen and have a bolster and cushions handy for meditation. A blanket or throw will cozy up the space for cold mornings and Shavasana.

5. Create your own soundtrack

Choose songs that speak to you, nature sounds, music that uplifts, mantras that calm and support relaxation and emotional release. I like to listen to Mirabai Ceiba, Ryan Adams, Ben Howard or Ashana.

6. Practice morning and night

Buy a class card or pass from a local studio, and choose two classes to take today and on Sunday. If you prefer practicing at home, dedicate two sessions to your practice: an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon.

7. Tune in

Create a sense of sanctuary in snuggling up on the couch to immerse yourself in enlightening words, yoga or spiritual texts and books. You can also meditate, draw, write, take naps, or do other restorative activities.

8. Stimulate your senses

Use scented candles, an oil burner or aromatherapy scent sticks or try essential oils applied topically or sprayed with water in a spritzer. Infuse your space with your favorite warm or cool earth or floral scent, inhale deeply and feel your mind come to rest.

9. Find nature

Go out and find a space where you can feel the warmth of the sun, and preferably where you can feel the earth between your toes. In can be your own garden or a nearby park or the beach. Take off your shoes and ground your feet into the earth, standing in Mountain pose or taking Downward Facing Dog and spreading your fingers into the grass. Salute to the sun while being warmed by it.

10. Treat yourself

It wouldn’t be a yoga retreat at home without spa services. A deep muscle massage or a hot bath will continue to open your practice and detox your body. Find a great massage therapist or spa in your area or light candles and create your own bath ritual at home.