If you are like me, you’ve probably spent months planning your well-deserved summer break. But trying to tie up loose ends in the last days at work and organizing your travel plans means that your stress levels skyrocket in the days before you jet off.

I definitely know that feeling – when I was still working in advertisement, it was normal for me to stay super late at work on the day before my holiday started, trying desperately to make sure that everything was organized for my time away.

You probably can’t escape that pre-holiday madness completely. But there are some things that you can actually do to start your holiday way more relaxed already and then make sure that you have the best, most recharging holiday ever!

10 tips how to relax on your next holiday

To make sure that on your next holiday the relaxation starts the minute you step off the plane and lasts throughout your trip, follow these 10 tips:


Before you go…

Make a plan

No matter if you are traveling as a couple or with friends, make a plan what you want to do on your holiday and discuss this with your fellow travellers. Work out a rough structure before you go, so you all get to do the things you enjoy, whether that’s cramming your days with yoga and other sporting activities, heading off on sightseeing trips or just lying by the pool.



Stress levels can go off the scale before a holiday. Don’t just let the pressure build, instead set your alarm 15 minutes earlier and use this time to meditate. Set your timer, find a comfortable seat (I sit up on a cushion in my bed, snuggled in my blanket), close your eyes and focus on your breath. Breathe in for a count of four and breath out for a count of four.



Cut the caffeine

In your last days in the office, stay away from the coffee machine in the afternoons. This will help you to avoid withdrawal crankiness by cutting down gradually before your trip.


Take a “decompression” day

Feeling like you don’t have enough time is one of the major causes of stress. If possible, take an afternoon or a whole day off from work before your trip to get organized and start winding down.


When you arrive…

Don’t simply collapse at the beach or pool

It might seem like the perfect way to relax, but the sudden dip in adrenaline can put your mood into free-fall. Not to mention it will do nothing to release tension in your muscles after a long flight. Instead sign up for a yoga class, book a massage or go for a walk to explore your surroundings.

Yoga for a relaxing holiday

Keep on moving

If you exercise regularly, being sedentary for just a week can lower your mood, so find a way to stick to your regime. But mix it up and try out new things. Rent a bicycle and explore your surroundings, try out a yoga class in the local studio or learn something new like diving or SUP.


Seek Zen

When you are on the beach, try concentrating on the sound of the waves. Tune into every of your senses: what can you hear? What do you smell? How does the air feel on your skin? The sun on your face? Doing this little mindfulness training daily will help you to relax your mind.


Eat mindfully

It’s tempting to let go of your normal healthy diet when you are abroad and indulge. This is totally fine – I urge you to try all the local delicacies your destination has to offer. To keep your diet in check, try to eat mindfully. Relish every taste and texture, and chew thoroughly. Enjoy every single bite and celebrate life.

healthy and delicious zucchini pasta

Do a phone fast

Leave your phone in your room if possible and only check your messages twice a day. If you need your phone because it’s also your camera, leave it in flight modus. Leaving your phone off will allow you to live in the moment, be present and more mindful.


Read happy books

What you read can directly influence your state of mind – so don’t immerse yourself in misery and sad literature if you want to be in a happy summer holiday mood. Choose something uplifting and inspiring to read, such as my spiritual book recommendations here.