[social_warfare] I don’t know about you, but I’m really feeling the effects of all that yummy but heavy food, the delicious Spanish wines and too many chocolates to count that I enjoyed over the holidays and I wanted to share this yin yoga sessions with you guys.

This 30-minute yin yoga sequence for digestion is not only going to help your body digest all that holiday food, it will also help you to relax (and who doesn’t need that after all this family time, right?). Cozy up next to the Christmas tree and get ready for some stretchy goodness.

Yin Yoga sequence for digestion


30-Minute Yin Yoga Sequence for Digestion (perfect for the Holidays)

Child Pose (3 min)

This pose is a great way to massage the internal organs, which may help move your digestion along. Sit on your heels and fold forward, bringing your chest to your thighs and your forehead to the mat. Keep your knees closer together, so that your belly is resting on your thighs. Taking long, slow deep inhales and exhales in this pose will push your abdomen into your legs, and then draw it back up again. Use a bolster under the belly or head if preferred. Hold for 3 minutes.

Yin Yoga Pose Child Pose

Butterfly Pose (5 min)

Forward bends like Butterfly are perfect poses to subtly relieve pains from digestion. Sit on the floor with your heels together, knees out wide and then slide them away from you until your legs are in a diamond shape. Fold forward until you reach a comfortable edge, finding a stretch through your inner groin and your spine. If you have difficulty bending forward in this pose try sitting on some folded blankets.

Yin yoga pose butterfly

Deer Pose (3 min on each side)

Start by sitting in butterfly on the floor. Shift your right leg behind your hip. Adjust your front leg by moving the foot away from you, creating a right angle with your front knee. Keep both sitting bones firmly rooted to the ground and uncover a stretch through your outer left hip. Remain here for 3 minutes before switching sides.

Yin yoga deer pose

Saddle Pose (4 min)

This backbend compresses the digestion organs and relieves fatigue triggered by digestion. Start seated on your heels in traditional hero pose. Using your hands to support you, begin to walk your torso back by any amount, stopping when you find a suitable stretch through the front of your thighs and your spine. If this feels uncomfortable in your knees, try half saddle pose with one leg stretched out in front and change legs after 2 minutes.

Yin yoga pose saddle

Twist (3 minutes on each side)

Twists are wonderful for soothing your stomach and improving circulation. Lie down on your back and extend both arms out to either side, bending at the elbows if necessary. Hug your knees in towards your chest and as you shift your hips out to the left, drop your bent knees to the right. Rest here for 3 minutes and then change sides.

Yin yoga pose twist

Shavasana (stay for 6 minutes or as long as you like)

This is your time to relax and rest the body. Lengthen your legs on the mat, turn your palms to face up and relax every last muscle in your body.

yoga pose shavasana


Spotify Playlist for 30-Min Yin Yoga

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