Are you thinking about joining a yoga teacher training? Congratulations – you are up for an awesome, life-changing experience! If you’ve just signed up for a yoga teacher training, here are the top 5 things you need to know:


1. It’s really, really intense!

I spent 3,5 weeks thinking about yoga day and night. We started at 7:30am and went on until 5:30pm most afternoons, with homework and self-practice thrown in to be completed in the evenings or at lunch break. So you think, talk, dream about yoga, yoga philosophy, yoga anatomy, Sanskrit names and sequences around the clock. When I signed up I had this idea in my head of strolling around rice terraces in Bali in my free time, reading interesting books about self-discovery and having long deep discussions with my fellow yoga students. Well, it didn’t work out that way. I fell asleep at 9:30pm latest, didn’t get around to any reading beside my homework assignments and mainly we talked about stuff like Sanskrit names or our ailments. Definitely don’t plan to have friends or family visiting you, I promise that you will not have any energy left for them and they won’t be happy about that.

5 Things I learned at Yoga Teacher Training 1

2. People you’ve known for three weeks will feel like lifelong friends

My fellow yoga teacher students came from all over the world and they all feel like lifelong friends now. You see the same people for so many hours each day, you’re all sleep-deprived, muscle-sore and groggy with all those homework assignments, Sanskrit words and self-discovery work. You know more about each other than about your closest friends. I miss them like crazy!

5 Things I learned at Yoga Teacher Training 3

3. You will not get super “advanced” at yoga

I was afraid that in yoga teacher training I would be expected to do all kind of advanced poses. But while we practiced yoga up to 4 hours a day, in my training the focus was on perfecting basic postures like sun salutations and warriors. As a new yoga teacher you probably start teaching beginners, not super advanced yoga students. Therefore you need to know how to demonstrate basic poses perfectly. You’ll get sick of doing sun salutations in no time…

5 Things I learned at Yoga Teacher Training 2

4. Figuring what to say when teaching yoga is really hard!

A love for practicing yoga does little to prepare you for what’s actually the other part of the training – the teaching. Successfully teaching yoga means to be able to explain getting in a pose – not only by demonstrating the pose but also by talking your students into it. This is way harder than I expected! I have a lot more respect now for yoga teachers who are able to give clear oral instructions.

5. The biggest challenge? To surrender

Unless you do your yoga teacher training with someone you have been practicing with already for a long time, you will have to adapt to a teaching style that may be different to what you have learned before. You’ll have to surrender to this new teaching, practice it, memorize it, accept it. Leaving your ego at home and to really surrender might be the biggest challenge you will face at a yoga teacher training.

Are you thinking about joining a Yoga Teacher Training or have you completed one yourself? What are your experiences?