After a long flight there is nothing better than some grounding Yin Yoga. These 5 Yin Yoga poses will ease the effects of traveling and energize your mind and body. No matter how far or how long you traveled, just 30 minutes of Yin Yoga will help you feel your best. You can do the poses on your hotel bed (like I did) or on your yoga mat if you have one with you. Reenergize and get ready to go out and explore your new destination.


My favorite 5 Yin Yoga poses after traveling:

Yin Yoga Pose For Travelers - Legs Up The Wall

Legs Up The Wall Pose

The restorative effects of having the feet above the heart are so good for you, especially after sitting for a long time. This gentle inversion gives your heart a rest and aids in overall circulation. To get into the pose swing your legs up against the wall and wiggle your butt closer to the wall. Your sitting bones don’t need to be right against the wall, find the position that works best for you. Release your hands and arms out to your sides, palms up. Keep your legs relatively firm, just enough to hold them in place. Stay in this Yin Yoga pose anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. To come out of the pose, roll to the side and gently bring your legs down from the wall. Lay on your side for a few moments before coming up to sitting.


Yin Yoga Pose For Travelers - Reclined Butterfly Pose

Reclined Butterfly Pose 

This Yin Yoga pose is great to open the front of the body. Lay on your back and bring the soles of the feet to touch as the knees fall open to the side. If this is too much pressure on the hips, you can place a cushion beneath each knee for added support. Rest your arms at your side or on your inner thighs to gently invite the hips to open. Let go and hold for 5 minutes.


Yin Yoga Pose For Travelers - Swan Pose

Swan Pose

This Yin Yoga pose is a classic hip opener and is also wonderful for stretching out the hamstrings and lumbar spine. Bring your right leg up between your hands so your right knee meets your right wrist. Extend your left leg to the back, lowering the hips level to the ground. Try to keep your hips square. If your hips are tight, you can place a cushion under your right hip. Depending on your flexibility, your right foot can be closer to the left hip crease for less intensity, or the right shin can be more parallel to the top of your mat for added intensity. Remember it’s not a competition, listen to your body and find the position that works for you. Relax, surrender and hold for 5 minutes, then switch sides.


Yin Yoga Pose For Travelers - Child Pose

Child Pose

This healing, restful Yin Yoga pose gently stretches the spine and massages the internal organs, which may help move your digestion along. Sit on your heels and fold forward, bringing your chest to your thighs and your forehead to the mat. Your arms can be stretched out forward or next to your body. Hold for one to three minutes.


Yin Yoga Pose For Travelers - Shavasana


This is your time to relax and rest the body. Lie on your back with your legs slightly apart and your arms by your side, palms facing upwards. You can place a cushion or bolster below your knees. Relax your face, and your whole body. Pay attention to the energies flowing through your body. Stay for up to 15 minutes (you may want to set an alarm in case you fall asleep, especially when practicing lying on your bed).