Ahhhh, Bali, you treat me so well! I’ve been working non-stop those last weeks (check out www.happyyogamarketing.com if you want to learn more about my newest endeavor), and I felt a bit burned out.

And just when I needed it most, came the invitation to visit the Soul Vida retreat in Bali for a day full of yoga, wellness, delicious food and great company. Paradise!

A Day in Paradise with Soul Vida Retreats in Bali

A day at Soul Vida – a yoga, surf and spa retreat in Bali

The Soul Vida retreat is a yoga, surf and spa retreat for women in Bali, hidden away in a gorgeous villa a mere five minutes ride (yet feeling miles away) from famous Echo beach in Canggu.

I arrived in the early morning just in time for a vinyasa yoga class in the lovely garden, facing the pool. After practicing mainly Ashtanga Mysore the last weeks I was looking forward to a creative, gentle flow and our teacher Charlotte delivered just that and more. I felt amazing afterwards and ready for breakfast.

Soul Vida retreat in Bali

All ready for the morning yoga class…

Sound Vida retreat in Bali yoga class

Saluting the sun.

Breakfast consisted of gluten free banana pancakes with chocolate sauce, which looked amazing, and some muesli with fruits for me, as I’m allergic to bananas and eggs. There was no issue at all for me getting something different; the chef was lovely about it. I hate it when I can’t eat the “normal” food and really appreciated this.

After breakfast and some lounging next to the pool we had a fitness session with Jess, which left me a sore and sweaty mess on the floor… (note to self, start including more fitness exercises in my yoga routine). Just kidding, the class was great – and my legs only hurt a little bit the next day. It was fun, really! And this way at least we deserved our lunch.

Soul Vida retreat Bali lunch

Our delicious lunch

Lunch was delicious and light – Mahi Mahi fish with an amazing orange sauce, fresh vegetables and the best small potatoes. We enjoyed our meal and chatted over banana cake and fruits for dessert. In the afternoon I had a fantastic massage and lounged at the pool.

Simply relaxing, taking a break, doing nothing. It felt sooo good!

Soul Vida retreat in Bali pool

Choose your place to hang out!

The day ended with a sunset yin yoga session and another fantastic meal, including the most decadent chocolate mousse and wine for those who wanted it. Yum!

As you can see, I had the most amazing day! I left after dinner, completely relaxed and recharged.

The villa is simply stunning

The villa is simply stunning

Soul Vida retreat in bali villa

Beautiful details everywhere

Why we all deserve a break once in a while

This day made me realize once more how important it is that we take breaks. That we don’t go, go, go until breaking point put take a moment to relax, step back from everything and simply BE.

Stress is a slippery slope – one moment you are busy but it’s great fun and everything’s fine, and suddenly you are an exhausted, crying mess. Listen to your body, your feelings and don’t let it get this far.

Instead use your vacation days to go someplace new, lie on a beach, read a book and do absolutely nothing! Turns out, there’s some reasoning behind rediscovering the pleasure of napping in a hammock or swimming in the ocean. These breaks from our everyday life are profoundly healing to our physiological and physical selves.

Vacations, no matter how long and in what form are a chance to unwind, reconnect and take a step back to examine life from a new place with a new perspective. By adding this perspective, you can see what you do like, and what, perhaps, you should change.

Me? I love my work and my life in Bali and I don’t have to change anything at the moment. I simply need to make sure that I don’t go crazy in front of the computer and take some time off to meet friends or simply relax. And I’ll do just that the next weeks, promise!

A little bit more about Soul Vida:

The lovely Denise started this yoga, surf and spa retreat for women in Bali and it’s the perfect place for you if you are looking for a bit of luxury in paradise, a place to relax and recharge, to make new friends and reconnect to the beauty of life. Click here to learn more about the Soul Vida yoga, surf and spa retreats in Bali: http://soul-vida.com

The lovely Denise

The lovely Denise


Many thanks to Soul Vida for their hospitality and inviting me for day at the retreat. As always, all opinions are my own.