This yoga retreat in Bali and Borobudur is unique, and amazing. The venues are lovely and the yoga practices are deeply refreshing for mind, body and soul! We start on the slope of the sacred mountain Gunung Agung in Bali, and finish at the ancient Buddhist Stupa of Borobudur in Java.


March 10-18, 2018

Yoga Program

Our Hatha Flow Yoga, for two+ hours each day, is dynamic and intelligent. Through well-rounded classes which include pranayama (practices with energy via breath technique), Vinyasa (a vitalizing sun salutation practice), Asana (meditations in held poses) and other subtle works we will dedicate to sustaining energy and awareness in our lives.

Trishna has been evolving and teaching ‘Being Yoga’ for 18 years and enjoys nothing more than sharing and supporting the discovery of the self as yoga. Integrated, and innately whole.

We will also explore the idea of ‘Dharma in the Body’ by studying and practicing Charya Nritya, a Buddhist dance meditation, each day. This will be a very ‘site-relevant’ yoga, especially when we are at Borobudur!

This practice includes a meditation sadhana that purifies and awakens the chakras, senses, and channels in the body. We will also work with Mudra (gesture), Mantra (songs, in Sanskrit), and movement. Our Charya Practice will involve warm ups and mudra dances which are subtle and powerful, but not strenuous.

For folks new to this form, and possibly new to Buddhism, this is a very experiential and tangible introduction to some aspects of the path. One need not be a Buddhist, a dancer, or a yoga practitioner already to join this retreat, although you may be! (Trishna has been involved in the study of Charya Practices for 13 years in a dedicated way and was requested to introduce and support the practice by Prajwal Vajracharya).


At Sideman village, in the lush and fertile rice growing region of eastern Bali, we will stay at the lovely Abian Ayu Villas. There is a beautiful pool and garden, massage practitioners on site, a cafe, and views to the sacred mountain Gunung Agung.

Accommodation is available for single or double occupancy. There is also one family bungalow which can sleep three or four people. Generous breakfasts and family style dinners are provided for us, and other meals and snacks are available at the cafe. The largest bungalow is converted into a yoga shala for our group.

Besakih, the Mother Temple in the Balinese Religion, is close by. Our group will visit there. (Trishna will inquire as to whether there are any temple celebrations scheduled before determining which day. If we can arrange to be there on a celebration day, we will!)

Our itinerary on other days during our time in Bali gives some space for rest, personal reflection, journaling, poolside lounging, rice field walking and connecting with each other between the morning and the late afternoon sessions.

Manohara Resort is the only accommodation right on the grounds of the great stupa which makes it a perfect place for our group. As guests at Manohara, access to the great stupa is available to us during all of its open hours.

Rooms at Manohara are single or double, all with air conditioning. The breakfast buffet and family style dinners at the restaurant at Manohara are fantastic. There is a dedicated meditation room on the grounds of the resort which is available to our group for Yoga and Charya classes.

We will visit Borobudur together, both to offer the Charya practice in circumambulation for those who would like to, and to enjoy a pre-dawn walk there so as to be at the top of the shrine at sunrise. We will also take a day to visit other ancient sacred sites in the area which were thought to be part of the pilgrim’s path to Borobudur in ancient times.

A note from Trishna

“I had a group at these same venues last year and found it really wonderful to practice in these amazing locations. Bali has been a home to my heart for three decades, and bringing my particular style of yoga, which is influenced by both my study of the traditional yoga as well as my love of dance feels really right. It is thought the inspiration for the stupa in Java, the Balinese religion, and Charya practices from Nepal all have the same Tantric roots. To offer Charya Dance at Borobudur feels quite profound. ”

Travel Information

This retreat and pilgrimage involves a flight from Denpasar Bali to Jogjakarta Java. As people will be signing on at different times the flight cost is potentially fluctuating, therefore it is not included in the whole cost. Trishna is happy to help arrange that flight. Last year the whole group was able to catch the Air Asia flight leaving Denpasar at about 1:00 p.m. and paying less than $50 per seat.

What’s Included

  • All classes, which are led by Trishna Horvath. (Approximately 32+ hours).
  • Accommodation for five nights in Bali and three nights in Java.
  • Transportation for group outings (day trip to Besakih in Bali, from Sideman to the airport for the flight to Java, from airport in Jogjakarta to Manohara Resort, day trip to see other sacred sites around Borobudur.)
  • All entry fees to sites we visit.
  • Texts relevant to our practice and about the significance of borobudur Stupa.
  • All breakfasts and all dinner.
  • Trishna’s assistance in coordinating your travel to Java, and your travel from and and to your home airport, if need be.

Not included:

  • Ground transportation other than what is relevant to our group activities, as specified above.
  • Meals other than breakfasts and dinners as specified above.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Personal incidental expenses.

Inner Adventure Travel are projects born from Trishna’s passion for exploration of the interrelationship between traditional practices, arts, dance, culture, people, mythologies, the potency implied in symbolism that spans geographic regions and time, and as ever, the essential yoga in all of that.


Cost for double occupancy per person:

  • $1250. if paid in full by January 10.
  • $1350. if paid between January 11 and February 10.
  • $1550. if paid February 11, or later.

Cost for single occupancy:

  • $1525.  if paid in full by January 10.
  • $1625.  if paid between January 11 and February 10.
  • $1725.  if paid February 11, or later.

(A deposit of $600 holds your spot)


All prices are in In U.S. dollars.

Sign on as soon as possible for the best rate!

Contact and Booking

Organizer: Inner Adventure Travel





For more information about this retreat and to book please contact

Inner Adventure Travel

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