Reach into yourself. Identify your Yin and Yang qualities. Find the goddess and god within you waiting to manifest themselves. Whether you are female or male, you possess qualities that are Yin and qualities that are Yang. And somewhere in there resides the goddess that is you, resides the god that is you.

This retreat will help you to balance and empower your Yin and your Yang. We will focus on the ABC of Yoga practice: Alignment, Breathing, and Consciousness. Correct alignment brings health and projects self-confidence. Deep breathing stimulates all the bodily functions and so contributes to health. Consciousness of who and what we are gives peace and groundedness.

Empower your Yin and Yang

Empower the goddess within you

Empower the god within you


September 16-24, 2017

October 7-15, 2017

What’s included

  • Daily Yoga and Meditation practice (3 sessions per day) with focus on technique and correction
  • One week in private room at La Casa long-term Hostel
  • All meals (3 per day), except for the first and last days
  • A private Chef cooking healthy meals
  • 1 Massage (option to purchase additional)
  • To book one of our suites it will be an added cost & requires a 2 week reservation

Retreat schedule

Day 1: Participant arrival day

Days 2 – 7: Yoga retreat begins!

Sample Daily schedule:

6.30: Morning Meditation

7.00-7.30: Gentle stretching and Yin practice

7.30-8.30: Energizing Yang practice

8.30-11.00: Breakfast; Free time; Massage

11.00-12.15: Yoga Workshop

12.30-16.00: Lunch; Free time; Massage

16.00-17.00: Pranayama and Mudra

17.00-18.00: Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, or Hatha Flow

18.00-19.00: Dinner

20.00-20.45: Zen Meditation

Day 8: Farewell Day

Yoga & wellness

A gentle, deep massage will relax all tissues, clearing the pathways of Yin and Yang energy. We will then enable our Yin and Yang potential by working on the basic asanas and deepening our understanding of them; holding the asanas will strengthen muscles and joints; flowing from one asana into another will create beauty and ease of movement; releasing into Yin poses will stretch connective tissues clearing physical and emotional blockages. Practice of mudras and pranayama will still your mind and prepare you for both guided and Zen meditation sessions that will lead you to your inner self.

About your yoga teacher

The philosophy and the practice of Yoga are the pillars of Basia Ozieblo’s life. She had been practicing for over fifteen years when she decided to deepen her understanding of what was going on in her mind and her body, and registered for the Teacher Training Program at Yogashala Institute in Marbella, Spain, near where she lives. She continued her studies at Yoga Vidya Gurukul in India and is a Yoga Alliance RYT 500.

Yoga is now more than a practice for her, it is a way of life that she loves to share, helping people realign their bodies and their minds in order to feel comfortable and at one with the vibrations of the Universe. She has just spent three months teaching Yoga at Angkor Zen Garden Retreat Center in Cambodia and you can see how much she enjoyed that on her Facebook, Akalpita Yoga.

The influence of the schools of Iyengar, Anusara, and Shri Daiva are apparent in her insistence on correct alignment, posture and breathing in her teaching of Yin Yang, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flows and Kramas. And she is fascinated by Hindu mythology, particularly the stories of the goddesses, which she likes to incorporate into her classes while students concentrate on breathing and relaxing in simple asanas!

About your massage therapist

Founder and owner at Moon Gate Health and associate therapist at Breathe Massage and Healing Studio. Claudia is a licensed massage therapist and internationally certified yoga instructor. She has completed over 2000 hours of education in traditional Eastern and modern western massage modalities and sciences.

She is trained in modalities such as Tui Na, Shiatsu, Thai, Abdominal, Acupressure, Sports, Swedish, myofascial, and reflexology massage therapy, as well as Chinese medicine theory. Claudia brings a personal integrative and holistic perspective to each client taking into account both emotional and physical needs with compassion and knowledge.

The addition of a massage therapist to the Yin & Yang Yoga retreat will help relax, repair and rejuvenate the body establishing a healthy balance of body and mind wellness.


All meals are included during the Yin & Yang Yoga Retreat (3 per day), except for the first and last days of the retreat. All meals can be catered to any dietary restrictions, preferences, and/or allergies. We will have a private chef for the retreat, so please indicate any dietary restrictions or requests you may have.



  • 1 person per room: $650 USD
  • 2 people per room: $850 USD
  • 1 person per for suite reservation: $1300 USD (includes 2 weeks accommodation)
  • 2 people per for suite reservation: $1600 USD (includes 2 weeks accommodation)

A maximum of 15 participants

Additional Optional Therapies

In addition to the one massage included in the Yin & Yang Yoga Retreat, you can reserve additional 60-90 minute massages, such as Tui Na, Shiatsu, Thai, Abdominal, Acupressure, Sports, Swedish, myofascial, and reflexology massage therapy at an additional cost.

Deep Tissue

*Sports massage

Targets specific muscle groups to warm and soften tissue, realign muscle fibers and release tension, help heal scar tissue and flush toxins. This deep massage helps relieve muscle pain and speeds recovery from muscular exertion or persistent chronic orthopedic pain conditions. Therapeutic techniques used are deep hand and finger pressure, rubbing, kneading, friction, vibration, tapping and Myofascial techniques.

60 minutes   $60

90 minutes   $80


*Wat Po Temple Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage from the southern region given on a floor mat without oil. This powerful therapeutic style involves the client to be manipulated in various stretches to relieve tension and limber muscles and joints while direct thumb pressure is applied along major meridian energy lines to create homeostasis.

60 minutes   $50

90 minutes   $70


Connective tissue techniques to promote relaxation and relieve muscle fatigue.

60 minutes: $60

90 minutes $80


Reflexology has been seen throughout thousands of years in cultures throughout the world. It can be understood as specific and intentional pressures applied to the hands, feet, and face to promote wellness and relaxation. Reflexology theory functions off of the theory that every part of the body can be manipulated through their corresponding reflexes located in the areas of the hands, feet, and face.

60 minutes: $50

90 minutes: $70

Essential Oil Massage

Aromatherapy is both a important physiological and spiritual part of healing. An essential oil blend is as unique as the person and pathology. your unique essential oil blend can be added to any modality of massage.

Breathe combination (most recommended)

*Integrative specialty using assorted techniques

Combination of relaxation and deep therapeutic techniques to address problem areas and reestablish balance. Applying practices from Classical Western, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Tui Na, Acupressure, Hawaiian, Thai, Egyptian and Taoist massage. Using deeper methods to focus on tense muscles from activity or stress, while integrating relaxing touch to slow down and reconnect. Including a Taoist Facial massage based on meridian energy points and principles.

60 minutes   $60

90 minutes   $80

Pre/Post Natal massage

Tailored to the needs of an expectant (1st-3rd trimester) or new mother. Massage focuses on inflammation drainage, hormone balancing, muscle stretches and strengthening, and general relaxation as the body prepares or recovers from birth.

60 minutes   $60

90 minutes   $80

Contact and Booking

Organizer: Yoga Retreats @ La Casa long-term Hostel




For more information about this retreat and to book please contact:

Yoga Retreats @ La Casa long-term Hostel

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