By Susanne Rieker

We all know by now that meditation works. It’s brain and body enhancing benefits are scientifically documented and proven. And I can confirm this from my own experience! It’s a fact – when I’m keeping up my daily meditation practice (I have been known to slip for months), I’m calmer and my life simply feels better. It’s not that suddenly every problem is gone and I’m on cloud nine all the time, but I’m more chilled and content.

Does using an app for meditation defeat the principles of the practice?

So, why couldn’t I keep it up consistently? I would meditate every morning for months, and then I would stop for no apparent reason, just because I didn’t feel like it.

I learned to meditate at yoga retreats and at my yoga teacher trainings from teachers like Sarah and Ty Powers and Daniel Aaron. I also participated in a Vipassana retreat in Thailand, meditating in silence for 12 hours a day.

The point of meditation as I understand it, is to sit in silence with my thoughts. There’s no need for any gadgets or tools. It’s about doing less, not adding more stuff into our crazy modern life.

Therefore, I was reluctant to use an app for meditating, just like I didn’t see the sense in buying a specific cushion or setting up an altar. I just hop on my bed, find a comfortable seat, and set a timer on my phone. And then I start breathing. That’s really all there is to it!

But still, I know that a lot of people have tried and failed at meditation and only got into it with the help of an app. It can give some structure and guided meditations can help when the mind just doesn’t want to still.

I thought that maybe a little bit of outside motivation couldn’t hurt me, too, so when the team from Declutter the Mind invited me to try out their new guided meditation app for iOS, I decided to give it a go.

Declutter Meditation App

Packed with wise words and spiritual teachings, there are guided meditations to help you sleep, cope with anxiety, reduce stress, cultivate inner peace and so on.

And I have to say – it worked! The app helped me find my way back to a consistent meditation practice. I’m not sure I’ll use it every time I meditate because I really like my quiet mindfulness meditation, just focusing on my breath, but when I feel like I need some extra support, I know it’s there.

Whether you’ve tried and failed meditating before or want to get started for the first time, I’m sure this app would be helpful and supportive for your meditation journey.

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