I can’t believe it’s already February! January used to be my least favorite month. With the holiday festivities over, the darkness and the cold, wet weather, January just didn’t offer a lot most years. Well, it’s different these days!

Still, January wasn’t about relaxing at the beach and chilling out for me. The last months in Koh Phangan I worked hard at setting up a more disciplined yoga practice and work routine and I kept this up in January. Getting up early for Ashtanga Mysore, working long hours on my computer, meditating for over 10 hours a day on a Silent Meditation Retreat…

Working at the beach

There are worse places to work…

I started January with my biggest accomplishment this year so far: I launched www.happyyogatravels.com, after many weeks of hard work to get everything up and running, and I loved the positive feedback I got. I’m still super excited about my new blog and have lots of plans and ideas for the future.


Sunset at the beach – fixed date every evening 🙂

I also had the best month ever with my other website www.yowunga.com. The income covered my living expenses; Google seems to like me more again (which means I show up in search results more often) and I booked my first virtual assistant to answer emails while I was away on a Silent Meditation Retreat.

bikeshop Koh Phangan

Getting a flat on my bike fixed – cost me less than 5$

It wasn’t only work though. I had a good friend visiting and we explored Koh Phangan a little bit, I also spent the New Year in Koh Samui with an old friend and discovered some sights of Koh Samui, for example the Yogarden.

beach at Chaloklum

Dream beach at Chaloklum

Chinese temple in Koh Phangan

Chinese temple in Koh Phangan

For the silent meditation retreat I put everything on hold, handed over all my electronic toys and enjoyed (kind of) silence for 6 days. No talking, no reading, no Internet, just 10 hours of meditation a day. You can read more about my experience here. I learnt a lot about discipline on the retreat, about acknowledging the mental struggles as my body was in pain and tired. It was one was of the hardest things I’ve ever done but definitely worth it.

Buddhist monks at Wat Kow Tahm

Buddhist monks at Wat Kow Tahm

After the silent retreat I eased up a bit. Slept longer, didn’t do so much yoga, spent some time at the beach, watched Netflix in the evenings. I was just so tired after the retreat and my body told me to rest.

beach restaurant

Chilling in my favorite beach restaurant

At the end of the month my time in Koh Phangan came to an end. I packed up my things, said good-bye to friends and my little bungalow and left Thailand. I’m now on Camiguin Island in the Philippines where I’ll be teaching yoga the next weeks. I’ll write more about it soon!