I love practicing yoga in new places. Trying out yoga studios, visiting yoga retreats, practicing by myself on the beach – I just love everything about it. Like any globetrotting yogi worth it’s name, I have my essential supplies that I take with me on the road. These will help you to have a great time on your yoga mat anywhere in the world.


Travel Yoga Mat

While you can practice without one, bringing a lightweight travel yoga mat designed for travel is a great motivator. Most studios provide mats but quite often – especially in tropical countries – they are old and smelly. Also your own mat means you can do your own practice comfortably if there is no studio class nearby.



Simple and underestimated, this may be the most important yoga supply you can carry with you. A scarf easily doubles as a yoga strap, an eye pillow for shavasana, or a towel to soak up sweat.


An Inspirational Book

As motivating as the scenery of your travel destination is, you might need some extra coaching to get onto your mat. Take a great inspirational book to keep you connected with your practice. Need some inspiration? Here is a blog post I wrote about some of my favorite spiritual books.



Bring your favorite yoga tunes to take you back to a place of stillness and relaxation in a busy airport or hostel or to motivate you to move in your self practice.


Essential Oils

Travelling is stressful. Use essential oils to calm the mind and to help you relax. Lavender oil is also a natural bug repellant for those tropically inclined travellers, and contains antibacterial properties when you need to clean your yoga mat.


What are your essentials that you can’t travel without? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear them.