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Learn to Teach Yoga In Comfort With Intimate, Intensive & Transformative Vinyasa + Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Advance your yoga journey of self-enquiry and transformation at Yoga Beach House, France with Rachel Hanberry and her team. Learn more about yoga, advance your own practice and evolve your way of life in line with yogic philosophy.  

This is an intense and transformative program that takes place over 20 consecutive days and 21 nights of yoga training in either Spring (May), Summer (June) or Autumn (September) each year.  Spaces are limited to a maximum of 8 students to maintain a family style living and learning experience.

Yoga Beach House is a registered Yoga School recognised and accepted by Yoga Alliance International to provide 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training programmes led by Rachel Hanberry, founder and co-owner of Yoga Beach House. This course enables you to obtain an accreditation to register with Yoga Alliance to teach yoga anywhere in the world.  The Yoga Beach House Teacher Training programs takes place during an intensive residential stay where you get to experience and live a yogic lifestyle by the ocean.

Learn How To Live Like A Yogi

You will be fully immersed in a yogic lifestyle from Day 1 of the course living at Yoga Beach for the month. Room options include sharing a room with one other person, a private room with shared bathroom or a private ensuite room. House amenities and duties are shared amongst students and house residents as part of the course Karma yoga requirements.  Homemade organic vegetarian daily brunch and evening meal plus drinks/fruit/snacks are included.  We take full advantage of our beautiful surroundings practising classes on the beach, taking regular sea baths and meditating as the sun sets.

A Typical Day – Times dependant on sunrises and sunsets

  • Morning Refreshments – Meditation – Asana Practice – Technical Workshops
  • Brunch & Refreshments
  • Afternoon Workshops – Lectures – Study – Karma Yoga
  • Dinner & Refreshments – Karma Yoga
  • Evening – Workshop – Asana Practice – Meditation

The Syllabus – Holistic Approach

Our yoga teacher training offers a holistic approach to yoga which combines the wisdom of traditional yoga teachings with contemporary understandings in areas such as anatomy, emotional wellbeing and spirituality.   This creates the possibility to embark on your own personal self-enquiry which in turn will lead to life changing transformation within yourself. The Syllabus includes


This module equips you with all you need to set up your own daily meditation, pranayama, asana, karma, kriya and kirtan practices. On completion of this module you will understand why these practices are essential to your own yoga practice as a yga teacher.


In this module you will learn in depth yoga poses with relation to human anatomy, energy anatomy and the various energy bodies, you will gain an introduction into Ayurvedic medicine, you will study of the Bhagavad Gita in depth and be able to apply it’s teachings to everyday life, you will learn the ethics of becoming a yoga teacher and the yogic philosophy which supports this, you will learn about a healthy diet and nutrition for various body types, you will learn how to observe and adjust your students effectively, you will learn specific teaching methodologies.  On completion of this module you will be fully equipped to begin teaching yoga to other people.


The Evolve module is where your transformation takes place. You will learn techniques to Evolve yourself and your practice, you will understand how to put into place boundaries and protection for yourself and your practice, you will understand how to stand in your power and not give it away, you will begin to follow the 8 limbs of Raja yoga, including utilising the yamas and niyamas in your everyday decision making and not just when teaching. You will create your own Seva project to implement on completion of the course. You will continue your journey of self discovery through daily journalling, you will begin to live a more sustainable life, practising mindfulness and humility. You will learn how to really live as a yoga teacher in the real world through abundance and marketing workshops. You will evolve into your best self, in harmony with your own intuition and higher self.

Teaching Methodology

  • The use of language and voice in teaching
  • Addressing specific needs
  • Principles of demonstration, observation, assisting and correcting
  • The qualities of a yoga teacher and student
  • The Business aspect of Yoga


  • Observation of teachers
  • Assiting teachers and students
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Practice Lead teaching with Community Yoga Classes

Develop your own daily Pranayama and Asana Practice

  • Pranayamic techniques
  • Developing your own daily Meditation Practice
  • Meditation techniques
  • Daily guided yoga and pranayama practice
  • The Art of Sequencing
  • Indepth study of each Yoga Asana category including forward bends, backward bends, inversions, twists, standing poses and advanced poses
  • Asana benefits and contraindications
  • Restorative poses and yoga as a therapy

Anatomy and Physiology

  • Human anatomy
  • Energy anatomy
  • Yoga anatomy and physiology of the body
  • The Chakras and their functions

The Transformation

  • Become a confident certified 200 hours yoga instructor
  • Possess your own daily practice of mediation, asanas and pranayama
  • The knowledge to teach group classes, workshops or private sessions in a range of settings
  • Practice teaching and adjusting students during community yoga classes at the Yoga Beach House studio
  • Learn how to sequence and teach various styles of yoga – Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin
  • Acquire a good understanding of yogic philosophy
  • Understand anatomy and physiology pertaining to yoga and the body
  • Become part of the Yoga Beach House family
  • Develop the interpersonal skills required such as confidence and humility to begin teaching yoga
  • Learn how to structure and create cohesive, well-rounded classes
  • Use daily journalling to gain a deeper understanding of yourself
  • Be ready to create your own marketing materials to promote your offering
  • Be fully equipped to offer a course of yoga classes as Seva to a group within your own community
  • Be able to listen to and trust your own intuition

A Personal Investment In Yourself

We understand this is a big commitment for you, please rest assured we do not take this commitment lightly. We commit to sharing our yoga home and knowledge with you so that you are able to learn and teach yoga to the best of your ability. Your investment includes;

  • 200 hours of tuition to achieve the teacher training certificate
  • At least 1 hour of personal one to one coaching
  • 21 nights accommodation at Yoga Beach House including bedding, towels
  • 2 organic homemade fresh vegetarian meals per day plus yummy fresh smoothies and hot drinks throughout the day. 


Pricing from 2999€ – course fee, accommodation at the lodge, food & refreshments
+ room option supplements at +300€ private single + 450€ private double with bathroom

“Exceptional + Extraordinary Experience. Rachel Is Warm, Smiling, Listening + Understanding. You Feel At Home – Like Family. The House + Studio Are A Reassuring Cocoon – Highly Recommend! — Aurelie, France

“The weeks I spent at Yoga Beach House for training were some of the best and most transformative of my life, albeit challenging. I felt safe there during the emotional times of our training. Rachel was supportive and understanding while maintaining discipline and providing confident guidance. We became close with her family and the community members who attended classes …. an active yoga studio helped to build our confidence. Yoga Beach House became a second home and the people I met there became family. We continue to have support even though our 200hr training has finished.” -Lilly, USA

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