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Re-discovering Your Feminine Fire

COR isn’t ‘just’ a yoga –

nor is it ‘just’ a meditation retreat

But what Is Cor?

Cor retreats are for the Soul.

What makes Cor so special is that we have a holistic approach, since your body and soul find expression and healing through many different ways.

Our program leads you through workshops focussed on the psyche, your body And your soul. Nutritious food, yoga and getting deeper to the Cor of yourself  all have its place in a Cor retreat.

Our workshops are rooted in practices that link to nature and our COR self, that what we deep down already are.

You are born with all the gifts, depth, tools, rhythm and spirit you’ll ever need in your life.

We teach tools to reclaim the roaring feminine beauty that’s been squashed for so many years, to unleash your innate primal strength and uncover all those jewels, deeply hidden within.

Here’s a small explanation on all the pieces who together form the Cor pie:

Cacao & Introduction
On the Friday evening, after everyone has settled in, you are welcomed with a welcoming Cacao drink. Cacao has been used for many centuries to activate the heart and body, and create transformation.

We then open the circle with an introduction and a delicious meal.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

We start our mornings with a long and strong Vinyasa Flow session, lead by our @romy. Romy’s a star in combining intense flows with story-telling and meditation. Her sequences are inspired by connecting to nature, reducing stress and improving and brightening energy flow. There really is no better way to kick-start your morning!

Silent Mornings

A practise we hold dear at Cor is the concept of Silent Mornings. It’s quite simple; no speaking till after breakfast. This gives everybody a chance to remain inward, present and undistracted. There’s endless energy and wisdom in silence.

Nutritious Veggie Food 

When our beloved gong has rung, it’s time for the first of three meals in the day! Everything we cook is wholefood, sugarless, organic and just makes you long for more! We love our long lunch- and dinner tables, filled with delicious dishes and conversations. At Cor we LOVE cooking.

Sharing circles

Sharing circles have existed throughout history to empower each other and share wisdom. It’s a place to reclaim the powerful feminine energy found within and surrounding us all; to embodying and living your truth and your highest purpose. Sharing cleanses you and connects you to others.

At Cor, creating a safe and non-hierarchic space is essential. We as space-holders are there to keep the energy evenly distributed, but we are all equal.

Our circles are intimate, with the feel of a tribe of sisterhood.


After brekkie, everybody gets some free time. We then start with the first workshop of the day.

It somewhat varies per retreat, but the first workshop always asks you to dive inside of your psyche to find answers to questions such as; where am I keeping myself small? Where have I lost my fire?

The power of sharing and the safety of a circle always creates a strong energy one would need to experience to feel. Whatever arises is welcome.


Meditation is the basis of many spiritual practises and necessary if you want to train and transform your mind. You learn to observe your thoughts and feelings, without becoming them. By learning to observe yourself without judgement, meditation can give you healthier and new perspectives on things.

First, we become MINDFUL, we slow down, we watch our breath, we ground ourselves. Then, we go into meditation; the limitless space of possibility and healing.


Once we’ve gone into meditation, it’s the ideal moment to go into the next step; manifestation. Manifestation, basically, is consciously planning your life.

You envision what it is you really want in life, but instead of staying in the ‘I want’ state you shift your energy to the feeling of ‘I am grateful’. By already being grateful for What Is About To Happen, you shift your vibration to that energy.

It is through manifestation that we teach you to positively transform the things that came up for you during the Soul-Introspection workshop.

Silent Nature Walk

A lot of energy has been moved on the first morning! Now let’s give the mind some space; a breather.

Cor’s silent walk is a about an hour of silent walking in our stunning Mother Nature. By not speaking, we get to see, hear, feel and smell a lot more delicately. Silence makes us live more in the moment, understand ourselves better and become more intuitive. A simple practise with an often mesmerizing effect.

Embodiment Breath-work

This is one of Cor’s favourite practises! It’s fiery and the results in almost everyone is amazing.

Embodied work

We believe deep healing takes place by understanding our own psychology combined with embodiment practices; practises that allow us to let go of the psyche and trust our bodies to lead the way.

This concept is quite foreign to many Westerners, who have grown accustomed to letting their intellect always be their main guide. Embodiment practices take you back to the great wisdom that’s stored deeply into every cell of our body.

We use Ecstatic dance and Embodiment breath-work to raise our energy, get out of our minds and into our hearts and access a higher form of consciousness.

Much of our healing integrates through our body, not the psyche.

During the course of our life, we accumulate little blockages in our system. We learn to suppress, to tuck away; to not show our True Selves. Embodied work helps you release stagnated energy and suppressed emotions; it creates space. It connects you to our innate, roaring feminine power and reveals all those jewels hidden within.

The practise

Most people expect breath-work to be a soft practise, but Embodiment Breath-work (a little similar to Transformational and Biodynamic breath-work) is a little different.

At the Cor retreats, we’ll lead you through two thirty minute sessions. You will be guided by music and our voice.

By breathing deeply into our heart, belly, womb and hips, we begin to active this form of deep breathing.

After about ten minutes, most people will start to notice a shift. The mind starts letting go and your body will begin to take over. It might sound a little strange, but most women experience this as quite a delicious feeling of surrender.

You will then be asked to introduce sound and eventually movement into the practise. Don’t worry, your heart and body will tell you what they want to sound like and how they long to move.

You may experience a feeling of sensuality, bliss, laughter, primal strength, heart-opening, tears, anger, ecstasy; it is all welcomed.

With this, we finish our first full day. You’ll get another change to breathe Even deeper, the second day in the morning! Both sessions are thirty minutes long.

The Feminine

Our world exists of masculine and feminine energy; yin/yang, Shiva/Shakti..

In a perfect world, we would live in a harmonious state between feminine and masculine energy. Both men And women carry these polarities within themselves.

Yet, for thousands of years, the Feminine has been sold, suppressed, squashed..
That’s why it’s time for the rise of The Feminine.

It speaks of a change in our attitude toward nature, our planet and our bodies.

To release the Goddess is to cultivate a relationship to the deep cosmic source of our psychic lives and come to care for all creation.


Reiki can be described as ‘Universal life-energy’.

Life-energy moves through everything that is alive, everything that exists. It moves through our chakra’s and surrounds us with an aura.

As a Reiki therapist, you don’t function as the ‘giver’ or ‘taker’ of energy, but as a middle(wo)man between you and this Universal energy.

We at Cor have been studying Reiki and can, if necessary, assist you in recharging damaged parts in your energy field.

Time in Nature

If this all sounds like quite a lot; not to worry! We plan the program in such a way that you’ll have plenty of pockets of private time to enjoy a book or a walk in the beautiful surrounding countryside. Every Cor location has been carefully selected. They are surrounded by rural nature; a place to re-treat and reflect. Nature, after all, is our greatest healer.

After yoga and some free time on the morning of the second full day, we’ll dive into our second Embodiment Breath-work session.

Ecstatic dance 

Ecstasy: beyond our personal selves and the bounds of space and time.  Women have been gathering in sacred dance in many ancient cultures for thousands of years.

By emerging ourselves in ecstatic dance, singing, drumming and sharing circles, we are rejuvenating our original spirit.

Ecstatic dance is a form of meditative dance. There is only one rule; no talking! It invites you to let go of self-consciousness, listen to how your body wants to move, surrender to the music and free the psyche.

We can dance through layers of emotion, break free of social conditioning and reclaim our wild spirit.

Campfire Songs

On the last evening of our Cor retreat, we finish with a celebration. We built a huge campfire fire and share, sing, dance and enjoy the feeling after all the hard work we’ve done.

Singing is Soul-food. It lowers stress levels, is a powerful anti-depressant, releases endorphins, strengthens the immune system, connects you to your heart.. Why then, have most of us lost this ability to express, sooth and connect to others deeply, without all the chit-chat? 

Most people are comfortable talking, but not singing.
Why? With singing, you’re accessing your spirit.
With singing, you’re laying yourself bare.

We all have a voice. We can all find that voice.

We sing from our Cor songbook, with a drum, around a fire.

All voices welcome!


The feminine archetypes are embodied in ancient myths, modern examples of influential women, in goddesses from different cultures and within each one of us. They are symbols and patterns of energy that transcend time and culture with their wisdom.

We’ve created seven Corchetypes we believe together embody all aspects of The Femimine. Together, we discover the archetype you’d like to integrate more of in your life.

Archetypes give us a tool for quickly “stepping into” the energy of the empowered feminine in any moment! We gain access to the energy, the frequency that particular archetype embodies.

The Archetype workshop will take place on Monday morning, after the yoga.

Afterwards, we will have a sharing about our experiences of the weekend. We will then close the circle.

We’d love to share this transformative experience with you!