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Join Sue & Peter at the Yoga Evolution Retreat Centre this May for an Ashtanga Yoga & Yin Yoga Retreat.

Retreat into nature to our retreat center nestled in the valley below the hilltop village of Amieira with a backdrop of the Portuguese mountain ranges. Our retreat center has been nourishing fellow yogis for over a decade and provides the perfect place to get away from it all.

Yoga Practice

A typical day here starts with a morning herbal drink or coffee if preferred, sat outside overlooking the Bacelo valley with the sounds of nature all around you. The morning practices generally start with meditation and then mindfully practicing the sequence of ashtanga yoga as taught by Peter who integrates some back bending into the sequence as well as simple Qigong exercises to warm the body.

The evening classes are Yin Yoga with an emphasis on the Chinese meridians and organ health as well as learning the five elements and emotions that can manifest when the Qi is not flowing in a balanced way.

The retreat place is thirteen acres so finding space to rest is not difficult. you might want to rest in one of the many hammocks hanging between the pine trees or find a pergola which are situated with wonderful panoramic views. you can also take a long walk through the miles of forest tracks and feel mother earth under your feet as you reconnect to your soulful self with all of the birds singing.

We also have a natural sea salt water swimming pool for those days when it gets hot and a large shady area covering one side of the pool.

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