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What if you could have the opportunity to be held in a safe and loving space surrounded by a group of amazing women on the beautiful Island of Bali? During this retreat, surrounded by the tropical nature of Bali, you can dedicate all your time to yourself! We go beyond our own limitations by exploring the strength of our femininity. We practice together in discovering the wisdom and beauty that lies within all of us. We come together to heal any guilt or shame around being a powerful & open-hearted woman.

Within each woman’s body there is a longing to come home. To come home to herself, her softness, her vulnerability and her power. This is a 7-day retreat for you, to become deeply connected with who you really are as a woman. It’s is a place where you can release everything that’s holding you back from that now. It will be a journey through our bodies, through our senses, through the feminine within & through the nature of who we really are. Through beautiful practices you will experience, deep love and acceptance for yourself, you will experience a deeper vulnerability and strength within the woman you are.

This retreat is right for you if:

* You want to awaken & reclaim your true femininity
* You want to release old trauma that you are ready to let go of
* You want to reach a deeper level of acceptance of who you really are
* You need time to heal and regenerate yourself, together with like-minded women
* You feel a longing for a deeper connection within yourself, your intuition and your body
* You want to be empowered and fully supported in awakening your femininity
* You want to shine your own UNIQUE light and leave this week radiantly, reborn, free and alive!

During this retreat you will:

– Reach a deeper level of self-love & self-worth
– Experience the healing power of surrender
– Learn how to tune into the wisdom of your body and intuition
– Recognizing and expressing your truth (feeling your yes and your no)
– Move out of your mind and become more connected with your body and feelings
– Discovering and feeling what it means for you to be a woman and reclaiming it for yourself
– Heal core wounds, so you can experience deeper self-love and self-empowerment
– You will move into a safe space of true sisterhood

We will journey through:

– Beautiful sacred rituals
– Connected Breathwork
– Emotional-healing practices
– Healing touch & self-massage – bringing deep healing at a cellular level
– Beautiful practices and techniques to nourish & empower your femininity
– Deep healing, re-programming ourselves in the most beautiful & authentic way
– Allowing ourselves to be open in our vunerability, finding our greatest power as women
– Opening, trusting, surrendering and connecting deeply to the wisdom of our Feminine Wisdom
– Movement – to embody more freedom, celebrating the sensual woman you are and being into your true nature

Besides the daily workshop-sessions & practices we do, there will also be enough space for you to just be, integrate, reflect and to enjoy the beautiful parts of Bali.

– What is included? –

➠ 7-day stay at a beautiful accommodation, a private villa, located in the middle of the rice-fields in Ubud
➠ Deep connections
➠ Amazing transformations
➠ Balinese Water Purification Ceremony
➠ Daily workshop-sessions & practices
➠ Daily breakfast, lunch & dinner
➠ Unlimited use of the private natural pool
➠ Free time to rest & explore the beauty of Bali.

I’m looking forward to meet you on the beautiful Island of Bali and to be your guide ON THIS BEAUTIFUL LIFE-CHANGING JOURNEY!

– About your Facilitator – Solange Beaumont
Solange’s mission is to support and guide women who are longing for a deeper connection within themselves and to help them remember who they really are. Her work is grounded in creating safe spaces for women to open and become deeply in touch with their feminine heart, so they can return back to a deep sense of love and belonging within. As a trauma-healing therapist, intuitive coach, channel, breath-work facilitator she is dedicated guiding you in your journey in feeling deeply connected with who you really are. She is specialized in regression & reincarnation therapy, emotional body-work, innerchild healing, womb & rebirth regression, ancestral healing and connected breathwork. She puts 16 years of deep life experiences and healing into her work now. In her mission she combines her work as a regression & reincarnation therapist with her intuitive wisdom, guidance and her own personal inner work she did over the years.