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CircAsana invites you to join their Yoga Alliance accredited 200h Yoga Teacher Training on the beautiful Isla Bastimentos in Panama, surrounded by rainforest, mangroves and white sand beaches. CircAsana is a sparkling blend of peaceful yoga magic, creative, colorful circus play and the power of positive psychology. We believe in creativity, self-expression, self-love, sparkles, kindness, play, honesty, discipline, rainbows, communication, collaboration, magic, trust, pixie dust, global impact and YOUnicorns!

Our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training is a 5-star Yoga Alliance rated, professional training and transformational personal development course.  This program is valuable, whether you seek to deepen your yoga and movement vocabulary, teach yoga or find clarity on your path. Welcome to the first step in discovering the deep sense of purpose that unfolds from leading others. Leave feeling confident, connected and changed for the better. You’ll emerge with the mindsets and skills to confidently share your love of yoga with others as a natural expression of your YOUnique self.


We offer a flexible program structure, beginning with an online component and followed by 3 week-long, in-person training modules.  The in-person training may be completed in 3 weeks in a row, or as separate week-long modules over time, and in different locations around the globe! Choose your own adventure and complete the training in your own time. This entire 200h traning will be taking place in Panama from February 29 to March 22.  You can choose to book the whole training or just Module 1(Feb 29-6 March) or Module 1 and 2 (Feb 29 – 14 March) of this training and finish it later elsewhere.


The first 20-hours of your training begins online, including introductory online lectures, quizzes, reflection exercises, secret missions and surveys that we will refer to during the in-person training. This structure allows us to spend more time during the in-person training focusing on the practical side of things, and more time for you to enjoy the beautiful venue.

Expect to finish the online coursework with an even greater curiosity towards your CircAsana 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, connections with your peers, new ideas about yourself, and inspired thoughts on the potential of yoga as a tool for your own wellbeing, as well as the wellbeing of your community.


This week is all about YOU! We focus on experiential and embodied learning, whereby you explore in detail and play with the magical practices and techniques for yourself.

Expect to finish this module with your own personal practice, a grounded anatomical understanding of the lower half of the body, and a fresh perspective on the meaning of yoga, its fascinating history and summary of the key texts. You’ll learn the positive psychology basics, and how this knowledge can be applied in the yoga setting, focusing on emotions, flow state, meditation and mindfulness. The final portion of the week will be dedicated to svadhyaya, self study, exploring how your personality, strengths and values can be fiery tools for being the best version of YOU!


In this module, we delve into safely and inspiringly teaching our own experiential learnings to others, focusing on developing methods to connect with and engage diverse audiences.

Expect to finish this module with an opened heart, understanding what it means to be an exceptional, transformational teacher, and how this relates to our personal dharma. You will design a class specifically for a fellow trainee, develop your own opinions on the meaning in the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras, and master your anatomical understanding of the upper half of the body. You will also tune your voice for artful communication and feedback (including adjustments).


In this module, we will support your ignited creative genius to develop your own yoga class, specifically designed for a community you care about.

Expect to be guided through creativity science, and its application to the art of yoga sequencing. You’ll hone your knowledge of teaching to special populations, and apply it practically within the local community. To bring it all together, we have a life design workshop dedicated to planning how you’ll intuitively use your gift as a yoga teacher for the welfare of the world, lokasamgraha.  You’ll complete your toolbox with decision-making, conscious yoga business, yoga ethics, mastery and resilience techniques, preparing you for your bright light journey beyond this training.


“Amy and Saffron are both so bright, so bubbly, and willing to do what it takes to make everyone feel comfortable and accepted, and create a great learning environment. Their knowledge is so detailed for all different styles of movement – handstands, aerial and yoga.” – Derek, LA, USA

“[As a yoga teacher] I really see the magic that Amy and Saffron create – and that they spread this to everybody that they meet. To have a set course to study, and to build from, is an amazing gift to be able to spread through the community. I felt honored to be one of their students, and I really see that they are amazing light workers.”- Kim, New Zealand

“I did not expect so many people of different experiences and different places, to come together and create this amazing energy.  People that have experience in life that have added onto my experiences, and have helped me understand things that are mind-blowing almost – like, “oh wow, it all makes sense”. – Jenni, Seattle Washington


This training takes place on YOUnicorn Island in Bocas del Toro, Panama.  We have a gorgeous yoga deck nestled amongst the jungle, with sloth spotting an almost daily occurrence. 

Look forward to boat rides between the beautiful Bocas islands, incredible starfish filled snorkeling, crystal clear Caribbean waters, surfing opportunities, and teaching yoga within the local community.  We are also a 15 minute boat taxi from Bocas town, for sweet souvenir shopping and evening entertainment options.  

We have a great beach aerial rig set up on the beach daily, in case you want to supplement your yoga training with a bit of extra-strength circus play.

Venue Amenities: Swimming pool, coffee bar, surfboard rentals, cowork area and WiFi


1 Module | 7 nights  | $1,390// $1,590 after 29 December, 2019

2 Modules | 14 nights| $2,550// $2,750 after 29 December, 2019

3 Modules | 22 nights| $3,490// $3,690 after 29 December, 2019

Additional charges will apply if you choose to upgrade your accommodation. Room options include:

6-share Dorms | AC, bunk beds and shared bath | Base rate

2-share Room | AC, private bath| + USD 200 per week

Private Room | AC, shared bath | + USD 350 per week

Private Bungalow | + USD 700 per week

A USD 500 deposit is required to reserve your place.