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Yoga Nidra and Pranayama Training  With a free 4-class pass for morning yoga sessions (this package only available on Happy Yoga Travels)


Pranayama Immersion Dec. 4-7, 2018 

Yoga Nidra Dec. 10-13, 2018

Hours for both courses are: 12:15-3:15 and 4:45-6:45pm 

Enjoy the Weekend in between in beautiful Puerto Vallarta



The Davannayoga Pranayama Teacher Training will give you the tools to teach pranayama in yoga classes, retreats, and private yoga consultations as well as further advance your own pranayama practice.

The Pranayama Training is perfect for yoga teachers, acupuncturists, massage therapists, energy workers, bodywork practitioners, or anyone interested in practicing and learning more about their breath and controlling their vital force for greater health and well-being.

Participants will learn how to properly use and teach bandhas in pranayama as well as other techniques related to the enhancement of pranayama. Lectures will cover :

● anatomy of pranayama

● pranayama and the nervous system

● basic and advanced pranayama practices

● pranayama ratios, as taught in the Krishnamacharya lineage

● pranayama in the koshas

● And pranayama as an important limb in the 8-limbs of yoga

Each day will begin with mantra, pranayama and light asana practice. Expect to learn techniques and benefits of :

● Conscious breath

● Diaphragmatic breath

● Sama vritti, Langhana, Brahmana pranayama

● Anuloma viloma (simple and with ratios)

● Square breathing

● Kapalbhati

● Bhastrika

● Brahmari pranayama

● Ujjayi pranayama

● and variations on all of the above depending on the need of the student

You will be able to lead pranayama practices to all levels of students/clients

This course includes a comprehensive davannayoga pranayama manual and a certificate will be issued upon completion of the course.

This course is worth 20 Contact and 4 non-contact (for the advance reading) Continuing Education Units with the Yoga Alliance


Daily 12:15-3:15 and 4:45-6:45pm

You will also receive a free pass to davannayoga’s classes around our sessions. We have morning and evening sessions.

PLEASE bring the book Light on Pranayama by BKS Iyengar and read up to skim or read up to page 104 so you are familiar with the language we will use.




Learn to Teach Yoga Nidra:

This teacher training immersion will give you the confidence to lead Yoga Nidra in class settings and private sessions. This is an excellent course for those looking to deepen their yoga teaching skills, communication skills as well as enhancing the quality of relaxation for yourself and others.

We will explore Yoga Nidra’s benefits, structure, history and teaching methodology. We will learn about yoga nidra for self-study (svadhyaya) and meditation (dhyana), for deep relaxation, as well as spiritual and personal growth.

This training is appropriate for yoga teachers, body and energy workers, and anybody wanting to deeply relax or help others to do the same.

We will cover:

● The history and development of Yoga Nidra

● Yoga Nidra research, benefits and limitations

● Yoga philosophy and Yoga Nidra

● Yoga Nidra and the relaxation response: types of tension

● Mind training for receptivity, creativity, and changing of habits

● Pratyahara (sense withdrawal), Dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and Yoga Nidra

● The Koshas and how they relate to Yoga Nidra

● Restorative yoga postures for yoga nidra

● The structure of Yoga Nidra

● Settling the physical body: including postures and props

● Sankalpa: how to offer meaningful intentions

● Rotations of consciousness: effects and methods

● Breath awareness and pranayama techniques

● Rotation os sensations

● Visualizations: how to script, what to expect, cautions

● Coming out of Yoga Nidra calmly: how to return to normal consciousness

Teaching Methodology:

● How to make your own yoga nidra scripts appropriate for your student/client

● Using Imagery

Sample practices and support for:

● Voice, tone and pacing: using your voice to carry the student into the state of Yoga Nidra

● Helping yourself and others to improve their Yoga Nidra experience

● Negative Reactions – why they may happen and how to handle them

You will receive a comprehensive manual and a certificate upon completion.

This course is worth 20 contact and 4 non-contact (for advance reading) Continuing Education Units with the Yoga Alliance


Daily 12:15-3:15 and again in the afternoon from 4:45-6:45pm

You will also receive a FREE pass to morning and evening Davannayoga classes around the hours of your training. We have both morning and evening classes.

PLEASE bring with you this book: Yoga Nidra by Swami Satyananda Saraswati and read/skim up to page 80 before coming

$995 for both courses. Does not include flights or accommodations. There are plentiful accommodations nearby which vary greatly  depending on your budget.  If you say you saw us on Happy Yoga Trails, we will include a free 4-class pass for morning sessions at davannayoga ( 600 peso value!)


Here are some housing options:

Villa Premiere is an oceanfront spa style boutique hotel, adults only. The rooms and grounds are beautiful. It is a 5 minute taxi ride to davannayoga. www.premiereonline.com.mx

Hotel Cinco22 is a beautiful B&B, just 2 blocks from the Malecon and 1 block from davannayoga. www.hotel522.com

Hacienda San Angel is a luxury boutique hotel in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, just 3 blocks walk to davannayoga, and a short walk to the Malecon. www.haciendasanangel.com

Casa De Amigos PV offers 4 (apartments or rooms) two blocks from Davannayoga- With a long list of benefits from a caring host to every kitchen item you could imagine to a washer and dryer to use, ocean view patios, and even use of their SUP’s… it’s an amazing place to stay. See the rooms on their Website and be sure to see the area to click on their reservation page that says you are coming for a davannayoga event to get a 10% discount: http://CasaDeAmigosPV.com Questions, contact Marc Ferrante casadeamigospv@icloud.com

Casa Dulce Vida: http://www.dulcevida.com Great casitas with kitchens and they have a big pool to share. Many of the casitas are for sharing and there are also some single casitas. This hotel is aprox. 1 block from davannayoga.

Hotel Catedral Vallarta: http://www.hotelcatedralvallarta.com/contactus.php Very comfortable hotel with access to everything.

Dreamstudios- Affordable fully-equipped studios with ocean view. Heated saline lap pool and big patio for chilling-out practice. Only a 10 minute walk from davannayoga. Contact Marea for pricing and availability marea@logroscreativos.com +5215519472031 https://www.facebook.com/Dream-Studios-in-Puerto-Vallarta-528523250582925/

Suites Vista Pacifico: Affordable fully equipped studios with a nice pool and great views. Clean but basic. Next door to the best little grocery store in the neighborhood. Only about 3 minutes from davannayoga. https://www.facebook.com/Suites-Vista-Pac%C3%ADfico-Vallarta-136200533098438/

Hotel Sheraton Bougainvilia – 10-15 min. taxi to davannayoga:  https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/pvrsi-sheraton-buganvilias-resort-and-convention-center/

Airbnb is a wonderful option for our regular guests as well as VRBO!