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If you have always wanted to see Morocco, and would love a holiday adventure that is both a culture and arts pilgrimage and a yoga retreat, this trip is for you!

Travel through Morocco from seaside to desert, with mini yoga retreats in each elegant Riad we stay in. Over sixteen days we will visit these amazing locations and their surrounding sites: Rabat, Fez, Merzouga, Ouerzazate, Essaouira, and Marrakech.

In general on travel days there will not be a yoga class, and on non-travel days we will have a two hour yoga practice. Each location will have something different to offer and our schedule will work around that. For instance after a long day of shopping and sight seeing in Marrakech, an early evening practice will be in order, and on days in the desert with wild music under the full moon, morning will be our time for meditative yoga practice.

Our Hatha Flow Yoga is dynamic and intelligent. Through well-rounded classes which include pranayama (practices with energy via breath technique), Vinyasa (a vitalizing sun salutation practice), Asana (meditations in held poses) and other subtle works we will dedicate to sustaining energy and awareness in our lives.

Highlights of this trip start right at the beginning and continue all the way thru!

Mini yoga retreats in each location along this journey.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Fez has the world’s largest car free urban area and being in the old city is like stepping back into medieval times.

From our base in Marzouga we will ride camels through the desert, drink tea in the Sahara :), and meditate at sunrise.

In the town of Ouarzazate we have the honor of spending time with the family of our guides Mohamed and Misty Aoualou.

Music, dance, art , history, and great beauty at every turn!

Mohamed and Misty Aoualou are our guides through Morocco. Mohamed is a native of Morocco and a talented musician who also speaks five languages (all of which are useful in travel through Morocco)! Misty is a dancer who teaches Moroccan styles as well as other Middle Eastern and North African forms. They have been holding annual tours for a number of years, and generously open up an authentic experience of place, history, culture, music, and dance.

Trishna Horvath traveled to Bali in 1987 (at age 20) to study mask dance with I.B. Anom. She was inspired to share the experience of immersion in a culture through the study of a specific art, and returned in less than a year with a group of ten students participating in a three week immersion. Since then, periodically she has created traditional arts immersions, and in recent years has rededicated her attention to that.

She has a passion for discovering the ‘yoga’ or integrating force in dance, music, and art, and as well the intrinsic artistry in the life discipline of yoga.

Contact Trishna as soon as possible to inquire about partial scholarships (15% discount), which may be available!