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Our designed Yoga vacation includes, inspiring Yoga & Ayurvedic workshops and a beautiful Eco-Resort on Ashvem beach Goa India.

Our days will be a perfect blend of reverence for the nature surrounding us. Starting with a yoga practice with our Yoga master, Amanda Morelli. accompanied with healthy nutritious breakfast. Then we’ll have free time to catch some waves and rest, maybe consult our Ayurvedic doctor, or make an Ayurvedic massage. Then there is a afternoon Yoga session, which will be a flow, meditation, or Yoga philosophy session, as the group wishes. The evenings will be dedicated to a magnificent dinner, and afterwards up to the town, if we like. to one of the many cultural events at the rich nightlife scene of Goa, if it’s a jam session or other music concert, an electro party, or the famous night market, Goa has it all…

Each day is a new adventure when you will open your eyes quietly in this beautiful romantic coconut palm grove, on a secluded part of North Goa. As you lean softly to a gentle intrigued feeling of total freedom. As you inhale the nature surrounding you fully and relax.

The Ayurvedic workshop will be integrated with our days as well. You will choose one day of going to the doctor for an interesting diagnosis, then some time for a privet massage. One day will be picked to hear the Ayurvedic nutrition lecture.

Come, rest heal and learn. recharge yourself with a new energy, and take with you unforgettable experiences.