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Do you need to escape your life for a few days?

Are you in need of some me time?

Think you can’t justify time away from your job, business or family?

Think again!

Imagine how much MORE you can do for yourself and your loved ones when YOU are refreshed and re-energised!

I know what it’s like to run a business and to be stressed to the max, and I’ve learned that getting away for just a few days can make a HUGE difference.

Sometimes life is so challenging, or we’re so tired, that we feel we need a month away…or even a year!

But a change of scenery for even a weekend can give you the breathing space you need.

To create the space necessary to quieten your racing mind, and allow the creativity to flow through you, bringing with it the answers you’ve been looking for.

Here at Rota Retreats we keep things simple

A simple yoga sequence that allows you to just be. No head balancing, or twisting yourself into a pretzel – just PURE yoga in its truest and simplest form.

Most importantly, there’s time for you…

Time to relax and recharge your energy by tapping into the power of the ocean, the power of the sun, the power of the wind.

You can join the yoga classes… if you wish.

You can engage in one-to-one coaching… if you wish.

You can have the stress and tension massaged out of your feet… if you wish.

You can experience reiki, body massage, head massage and facial treatments… if you wish.

You can even catch up on your CPD by attending a Certified Reiki Course… if you wish.

Your wish is our command…

Let us serve you, and help you to return to your life feeling fully refreshed, taking the peace within you, with you.