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Heavenly Healthy Yoga, Detox and Dance Retreat in Ibiza / Spain

Energize and detox, feel lighter and increase your wellbeing. By the end of the retreat, you’ll be feeling energized, lighter, alive, nourished, stronger, and more radiant. This retreat is providing a healthy, relaxing, transformative, inspiring and fun yet transformative yoga holiday experience – one that could possibly change your life.

Retreat Highlights

  • Twice daily yoga classes
  • 5 Element Dance with Sundance Project in a secret cave during sunset
  • 2 insightful workshops
    1. Asana Lab – learn more about physical movements and your mind/body connection. Working with Prana (energy) and using it to increase your quality of life.
    2. Bliss day – Awakening the Light Body + Inspiring clarity – look behind your own mask to improve your selflove
  • Daily meditation and pranayama session
  • 6 nights luxurious accommodation and exclusive use of the private villa
  • Daily brunch with superfood and all kind of delicious, nourishing ingredience. Always adding a little extra for your taste buds
  • 3 x Group dinner at the villa (prepared by our private chef – 3 – course vegetarian menue)
  • 1 Juice / Smoothie day after our the brunch in the morning
  • Depending on the weather further group activities to Hippie Markets, Hiking around Ibiza in spring or enjoying the stunning mediterranean beaches


Luxurious Prana-Ibiza Retreat Center. Accommodation in double rooms, which are all equipped with luxury and comfy single or king beds. Shared double/twin occupancy. All bedding and room furnishings have been carefully selected to make you feel comfortable and enjoy the Mediterranean style. Some rooms have their own bathroom, some are shared. Prices are based on shared accommodation but you can also upgrate to a private single or even a seperate Guesthouse.

What to expect from this yoga retreat

We are practicing yoga, meditation, or breathwork twice daily and we are connecting to the higher energies within us to bring out our higher self, our vibrant being. Our workshops are going to be inspiring and supportive. You´ll be surrounded by empowering people and you can enjoy healthy, nourishing food and stay in a luxurious retreat center in Ibiza.

You can simply be and relax, choose between activities like yoga on a stand-up paddleboard, or hiking along the Mediterranean coastline, meeting wonderful new people, dancing, and experiencing an activating or a more relaxed, chilled time

We’ll be offering healthy, delicious meals and healing juices. This is going to nourish your senses as well as your body. The food is prepared with love around the team of our private chef. Spring and the fresh smell of orange flowers in Ibiza is another unique treat for the senses.

Either way, by the end of the retreat you’ll be feeling energized, lighter, alive, nourished, stronger, and more radiant. This retreat is providing a healthy, relaxing, transformative, inspiring, and fun yoga holiday experience – one that could possibly change your life.

  • Free your mind
  • Feel your body
  • Find your soul
  • Follow your heart
  • Enjoy an amazing time in the most beautiful Mediterranean island.
  • Yoga is loving yourself first. The tools of yoga are giving access to yourself – in case you forgot about it.
  • We are using the tradition of Tantra / Yoga and physical movement to guide you back to the luminosity of your own heart.

Who is our Ibiza Retreat for?

  • This retreat is for the student that understands the importance of self-love, but needs a little structure and guidance to make this habitual.
  • Real people: people that love yoga but also love having a sundowner after meditation
  • Those who need a time out to elevate their well-being
  • Yogis that want to learn more about asana´s and explore more in their personal practice than in their usual 90 min class in the local studio or in front of Youtube.
  • Those who need a shift, an ignition, or a jumpstart in life, work, etc.
  • Those who want to level up; mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually
  • Those who want to connect to their own divine self and take time to reflect about our one and only precious life. Those who are curious to explore more about our mind and body connection and how this is holding us back to thrive fully and shine from within.
  • Those who are looking for inspiration, new friends, a great supporting community
  • Those who need a detox (digital – physical – mental) Life is just sometimes too overwhelming and we need to rest and just be to recharge our batteries.
  • Those who want to relax, spoil themselves in a luxurious villa, treat themselves with amazing food, the luxury of being taken care of, personalized spa treatments, adventures in Ibiza, hippie markets, walks by the ocean, nature in the beautiful surrounding of this special island in spring… and so much more.

What kind of yoga practice can you expect?

  • Alignment based Vinyasa yoga and also Tantra Hatha and Anusara yoga (mix the best of modern contemporary and traditional approaches to integrate all great benefits of both worlds)
  • Restorative yoga with a deep emphasis on relaxation (getting deep into your facia and stored emotions)
  • 1.5 to 2 hour long sessions
  • Yoga, meditation or pranayama sessions will occur twice a day in the morning and late afternoon
  • Each session will include asana, pranayama, and meditation
  • Gently challenging and thoughtfully sequenced classes. Mindful movement, enough time to feel into your body and get into poses and energy work but also enough challenge to push you outsite your comfort zone and tone your body.
  • Mindful hands-on assists and adjustments
  • New and familiar yoga asanas + new tips to improve your practice.
  • Your practice will create space and openness throughout your body
  • Your practice will reduce stress and muscle tension
  • Two yoga workshops: Subjects: Asana Lab – learn more and get ore out of the physical movements, Bliss day – Awakening the Light Body and the divine feminine, Inspiring clarity – look behind your own mask to improve your selflove, (If the weather allows it we can organize a 5 element dance in the secret cave)
  • Prana-Ibiza Retreat Centre has a fully equipped yoga studio and an outdoor practice space for us to use during our daily yoga sessions. We’ll have access to tons of props to make our vinyasa practices more accessible and our restorative practices more restorative.

Time schedule (example)

Saturday, April 27th: Arrival day

  • Retreat starts at 4 p.m. Welcome / Get together / Opening ceremony
  • 17:30 Afternoon yoga session
  • 20:00 Group dinner (3 courses menu)

Sunday: (daily example/subject to change)

  • 08:30 Morning meditation overlooking the ocean yoga session (detox flow)
  • 10:00 Breakfast brunch buffet, free time/beach or a guided walk
  • 16:00 Afternoon workshop (2x workshops during the retreat) Energizing / Inspiring topic. Lots of options for workshops-free afternoons like Hippie Market Santa Eulalia, beach, cliff walks, stand-up paddle boarding, spa treatments, wellness or simply free time = me time, relax by the pool or on the daybed by the little lake.
  • 17:30 Yoga mellow flow
  • 19:30/20:00 Group dinner

Friday, May 3rd: Departure day, Check out: 13:00

  • 08:30 Morning yoga
  • 09:30/10:00 Breakfast brunch buffet, chill out by the pool, in the garden or on the rooftop, and closing ceremony

Optional to stay one night longer at the Retreat Villa. Please do not hesitate to ask for the special rate.