By Susanne Rieker

I can’t believe it’s been already over 5 years since I visited Radiantly Alive in Ubud, Bali, for the first time! In those years I sweated, cried, laughed and loved in this yoga studio in Bali, I even helped out as the studio manager for a few weeks in 2014 in exchange for participation at one of their teacher trainings. It’s one of my happy places and I warn you, this review is NOT objective. I love it and I’m ready to gush my heart out about it.

Review Radiantly Alive Yoga

Yoga in Bali

Yoga is BIG in Bali. And especially in Ubud. There’s the Yoga Barn, who put Ubud on the map of yoga, and there are tons of smaller yoga studios in all neighborhoods of Ubud. And of course, you have lots of retreats that you can join, yoga teacher trainings and the Bali Spirit Festival. I always call Bali the Disneyland for yoga teachers, there’s something yummy for everyone. If you haven’t been yet, what are you waiting for? Book your flight and experience yoga in Bali first-hand.

Radiantly Alive Yoga Class

About Radiantly Alive

The Radiantly Alive yoga studio in Ubud was founded in 2012. In late 2016, the studio came under the ownership of Rafael and Jasmine who infused it with fresh love and started renovations right away, adding a new shala open to the jungle, a great shop full of beautiful yoga wear and jewelry and a café.

They also extended the schedule and now offer between 10 and 12 classes a day, from gentle flow in the morning to Kundalini, Ashtanga, Yin and Kirtan. There’s something for everyone and every level of energy you might have left after roaming the streets of Ubud.

Good to know: in case you’re traveling to Bali without your trusted yoga mat, Radiantly Alive has good mats and all props, hand towels, cleaning spray, and citronella spray for bug protection. They really take care of you!

Radiantly Alive Yoga Cafe

The New Café at Radiantly Alive

The café finally opened after renovations that seemed to go on forever in 2018 and its quickly become my favorite breakfast place in busy Ubud. The food is deliciously vegan and the comfy couches are the most comfortable place to hang out in all of Bali. I’m serious, it’s so hard to leave them!

So far, I tried the avo-mazing toast with gluten-free chia bread, the chocolate bliss smoothie bowl and the choco chakra smoothie (I like to add an espresso for an extra kick). It’s all been really, really good! It’s not the cheapest place in Ubud, but the quality is great and I think it’s worth it. You also get great free wifi.

Radiantly Alive Yoga

Getting Into the Yoga Groove at Radiantly Alive

I most love the challenging and sweaty RA Vinyasa and the relaxing Yin classes. There are so many amazing teachers, Jasmine, Sanna, Persia, James to name just a few, they are all remarkable teachers and I learned so much from them all.

How full the classes are is depending on the season (August and Christmas / New Year being the worst) and how popular the teacher is. I had classes with just a handful of students but also classes where the mats where packed next to each other. Meghan Currie sometimes teaches on Sundays and her classes are always packed, but they are so special you don’t mind. They don’t have a booking system, so you just have to go with the flow and enjoy the energy when the shala is fully packed.

Radiantly Alive Yoga open shala

Prices start at $10 for a single class. You can buy a 10-classes pass for $85 or pay $123 for two weeks of unlimited yoga (and easily create your own yoga retreat in Ubud).

To sum it up, Radiantly Alive is my yoga home. It’s actually their claim and it’s so true for me: Come for yoga. Stay for family.

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Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio in Ubud

Last Words

What you might want to know in advance is that Radiantly Alive is not a traditional ashram-style yoga center. It’s more modern and has a trendy and urban vibe that resonates with me but might not be your thing. Just so you know what to expect.