Review Yoga Retreat with Meghan Currie and Super Soul

By Susanne Rieker

I said goodbye to 2018 and started 2019 on a yoga retreat in Bali with the amazing Meghan Currie, organized by Super Soul. It was a week full of yoga, self-care, delicious food, chilling and making new friends. Can there be a better way to celebrate New Year? I don’t think so and this might become my New Year tradition! Read on to learn more about my experience and what it’s like to do a yoga retreat with Meghan Currie:

Review Yoga Retreat with Meghan Currie

Yoga with Meghan Currie

If you don’t know Meghan Currie yet, definitely check out her YouTube channel. She’s an amazing and inspiring yogini, for sure! But she’s also a really, really great teacher. I went to as many of her classes and workshops at Radiantly Alive in Ubud as I could, and I knew that one full week with her would help me improve my yoga practice on so many levels.

And Meghan delivered. In the mornings we practiced strong vinyasa flows with some handstand practice thrown in for around 3 hours… This sounds harder than it was, because Meghan always included a relaxing and grounding pose at the beginning and a loooong shavasana (okay, it was STILL hard, and we all sweated like crazy).

In the afternoon we had a super chilled loooong yin yoga session. If you don’t know yin yoga, it’s a very relaxing style of yoga where you hold poses for a long time. A few times we had live music in our practice which was amazing. My favorite session was yin yoga on New Year with Cellomano playing the cello for us. There was so much going on in my head and then I just calmed down and got lost listening to his beautiful music.

Yoga with Meghan Currie

Handstand practice with Meghan Currie

Our beautoful yoga shala at Desa Seni

Yoga Retreat Location & Accommodation

The retreat took place at the Desa Seni resort in Canggu in Bali. Desa Seni is a restorative eco-retreat, set in a tropical garden. 10 wooden houses hide within peaceful green tropical gardens, with stepping stones leading between the lobby, saltwater pool, yoga pavilions and restaurant. The houses are all restored antique wooden homes collected from various Indonesian Islands, decorated with love and care.

It’s pricy though and I was happy that Super Soul offered a few non-residential places on the retreat. For the money I saved this way I rented a room in a villa for the full month in Canggu on AirBnB. This meant of course I had to drive to Desa Seni every morning and get back to my place at night. After the first few days bracing the crazy traffic in Canggu in the New Year week (high season!) I decided to spend my days at Desa Seni and chilled out at the pool, reading and dreaming.

Desa Seni Yoga Retreat in Bali

The beautiful pool at Desa Seni


The lovely team at Desa Seni spoiled us with for example gluten free blueberry pancakes and fresh fruit for breakfast, vegan Indonesian curries made with vegetables fresh from the garden and sweet treats like coconut cream with crushed peanuts and mango. 80% of the produce used for Desa Seni’s menu comes from their own organic gardens which is simply amazing.

Breakfast at Desa Seni

Mind & Soul

Physical transformation means very little without an internal shift. Meghan encouraged us to journal and to think about questions that she shared with us, like for example:

What matters most in my life? What are my values?

Am I living my values?

For what must I forgive myself?

It made me think and reflect on many things in my life, I really liked this. What I was missing a little bit was meditation and pranayama. I meditated in the morning before yoga, but there was no instruction. It was all very physical, focused on Asana. Though you could say that the yin yoga sessions where meditative in a way.


The best part of a yoga retreat is always the community. Meeting yogis from all over the world and making new friends. We were a big group, 36 participants, and this was a little bit overwhelming. I’m introverted and I prefer smaller groups. But I also met some really special people that I look forward to staying in touch!

A coconut bath

Overall, it was a great experience and I’m very happy that I joined the retreat. And who knows, I might be back next year! Are you in?

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