I have been teaching yoga in the Philippines now for two weeks on Camiguin Island and it’s time for a report so you see what I’m up to here.

It’s my first time in the Philippines and I love it! Camiguin is a still unspoilt tropical island paradise, the skies are blue, the sea is even bluer, the people are lovely and my yoga students are simply wonderful. I’m teaching up to two yoga classes a day and in my free time I get to work on my blog, explore the island or just hang out at the beach. It’s a hard life but someone has to do it 🙂

Yoga in the Philippines


How I found a job teaching yoga in the Philippines

I’m volunteering as a yoga teacher in a small resort on Camiguin Island. I don’t get paid but get accommodation and food for free. I found this job through a Facebook group “Yoga Jobs all over the world”. Yoga isn’t as popular in the Philippines yet as for example in Thailand, so it’s not so easy to find job opportunities teaching yoga in the Philippines. If you are looking for a job teaching yoga in the Philippines I recommend asking around on your travels if someone needs a yoga teacher or try to find an opportunity online. You can read more tips how to find a job teaching yoga abroad here.


Teaching yoga on Camiguin in the Philippines

I normally teach a vinyasa yoga class in the morning and a yin yoga class at sunset with candlelight. It’s a small resort so mostly I have only one or two students; the biggest group I had so far was four. On some days we visit White Island for sunset yoga or hike to a cold spring and do a yoga class there.


My room


I love that my classes are so small and I get the chance to connect to my students. Since I’m staying at the resort as well it’s easy to get to know each other, have dinner together or just chat about yoga and the world.

My students come from all over the world. So far I had students from Switzerland, Germany, the US, Taiwan, France and Finland. And I love how the language of yoga connects us all. For me that’s the most beautiful thing about teaching yoga in the Philippines – or anywhere else when traveling.

I’ll be staying here until middle of March, after that I’m going to explore a bit more of the Philippines. At the end of March I’m heading back to Bali for the Bali Spirit Festival and to soak up some yoga atmosphere, focus on my own practice and work at Hubud.

Yoga on White Island


Have you tried yoga in the Philippines? What places can you recommend? Let me know in the comments, I would love to check them out when I explore more of the Philippines.