I moved into my new home in Ubud, Bali a few months ago and a few people asked me how you find a house to rent in Ubud or Bali in general. Bali is a popular destination for yogis and yoginis and many want to spend longer than a few days or weeks on this magical island. But guesthouses and hotels get expensive after a while and it’s nice to have a kitchen and a bit more private space. Thankfully it’s not difficult to find a beautiful villa to rent in Ubud for a few months or long-term!


Rent a house in Ubud with Airbnb

Your first stop probably is Airbnb. If you sign up here you’ll get €30 off your first booking! There are many beautiful houses in Ubud that you can rent through Airbnb, but they can be a bit pricey. You’ll have to look around and you definitely pay extra for the convenience of easy booking and seeing reviews from former guests of the property. I recommend looking on Airbnb to rent a house in Ubud or Bali if you plan to stay for a maximum of 2 months and if you’re arriving in the high season (especially July and August) and want to reserve a place in advance.

Here are some amazing Airbnb homes to rent in Ubud (links open in new tab):

Architect Designed Studios – from $39 per night

Tropical Retreat – Namaste T House – from $41 per night

The Studio Villa Madella – from $99 per night

Magical Treehouse – from $102 per night

Our house in Ubud Bali

Floating away an hour on our unicorn Bianca is THE BEST!

How to find a house to rent long-term in Ubud

The best way to find a house to rent long-term in Ubud, Bali, is through Facebook groups. But I wouldn’t recommend renting a place without seeing it first! Pictures can be very misleading. There might be construction going on next door, the location could be much farther away than you think or the pictures don’t really show the actual state of the house. If you plan to stay in Bali for longer, book a guesthouse or Airbnb place for the first week and start looking for a house to rent after you’ve arrived.

On Facebook you’ll find expats looking for housemates to share a villa with, offers from estate agents as well as Balinese advertising the house that they just finished building on their land.

You can also just walk around in the area you would like to stay in and look for “To Rent” signs. In Penestenan especially you can find great houses this way.

And of course, don’t forget word-of-mouth! Tell as many people as possible that you’re looking for a place to rent, your driver, your waiter, your guesthouse owner – they all might know someone who has a house to rent. Remember, it’s all a family business.

Here are the best Facebook groups to look for a house in Ubud or Canggu in Bali:

Ubud, Bali – Housing & Rental

Ubud Rentals

Canggu Community Housing

Bali Canggu housing & accommodation

Every house comes with a small temple

What should you expect to pay to rent a house in Ubud, Bali?

For a one-bedroom villa in Ubud you can expect to pay between $350 and $550 monthly. You pay more for luxuries like air conditioning and a pool. Of course, you can pay much more for a place with all the bells and whistles – the sky’s the limit! You can also find a cheaper place for around $250 but don’t expect a pool, air-con or good WiFi…

Good fibre optic WiFi is expensive in Bali and very often you will have to pay extra for your connection, same with electricity. On the other hand, cleaning daily or weekly is normally included in the rent or otherwise very cheap. In general houses are fully furnished including linen and towels, but you will have to pay for laundry.  

Rent is normally higher if you pay monthly and you can negotiate a lower price if you rent a house for longer. You will have to pay the rent for the whole time in advance in cash. Yep, we paid for a whole year. It’s crazy, I know, but it’s how things are done here in Bali. I spent a lot of time running to the ATM daily to get all the cash out… On the plus side, you normally don’t have to pay a damage deposit.

I’m renting a 2-bedroom house in Ubud with a friend. We each have a big bedroom with air con and private bath with hot shower and share a outdoor kitchen and eating area. The best thing about the house is the private pool and the privacy as well as having great WiFi. No views though and it can get a bit noisy as we are right in the village, but you can’t have everything. And the price is great, we’re paying $7,400 for the whole year which comes down to just a bit over $300 monthly for each of us, plus electricity and WiFi.

Bedroom with a view of the pool

We found the place on Facebook and I arranged a viewing with Agus, who’s handling the management of the house for his uncle. Everything’s a family business in Bali… I knew it was the perfect place right away and paid Agus a deposit of $50 or so. We could move in a few days later and then paid the first 50% of the yearly rent and signed a contract. We were lucky that we could pay the rest a few months later, but normally you can expect to have to pay the whole rent right away.

Our outdoor kitchen and eating area, which is also a great place to work

Our beautiful garden and entrance

What to look out for when renting a house in Ubud

Location is everything! Ubud and the villages surrounding it is quite spread out. When you’re not driving a scooter or willing to pay for a car and driver, it’s best to look for a house close to the center.

Popular areas for expats in Ubud are Penestenan west of the center, Nyuh Kuning south of the monkey forest and Jalan Tirta Tiwar towards the north.

Look out for construction! It’s everywhere and a building site right next door is THE WORST.

Rent a house in Ubud Bali

When you’re into yoga, the most popular yoga studios are Radiantly Alive and the Yoga Barn. Radiantly Alive is located in the north of Ubud center, Tirta Tiwar would be a good location to get there quickly. The Yoga Barn is more in the south and in walking distance to Nyuh Kuning. In Penestenan you’ll find the beautiful Intuitive Flow yoga studio as well as many restaurants and cafes.

Me and my beautiful Balinese neighbour dressed for the temple

Making a home in Ubud

After you found your dream house, you might want to buy a few necessities, like some kitchen items, extension cables to charge your electronics and toilet paper. Or you start decorating your home like you never want to leave again, like me…

The best places to get all of the necessities are Bintang supermarket close to Penestenan (you can also buy a prepaid sim card here and get money from the ATMs in front) and Delta Dewata in Jalan Raya Andong. The best supermarket for food is Pepito in Jl. Raya Tebongkang.

In Seminyak and Canggu I bought a carpet, some beautiful cushions and other deco bits and pieces at Mercredi and Bungalow Living. In Ubud I found the most beautiful handmade Batik bed covers and cushions at Ikat Batik.

I love my house in Ubud and hope to stay there for a long time ❤