Sometimes I have a really really strong desire for pancakes and I just have to have them for breakfast. Which became a challenge after I stopped eating eggs, milk and finally gluten and I experimented quite a bit in my kitchen until I perfected my version of a vegan gluten-free pancake. These are simply perfection and you have to try them out! I love apple pancakes but the recipe will also work really well with bananas or blueberries.

Ingredients for 2-3 people:

1,5 Cups (ca. 180g) Buckwheat flour

3 Tbsp Corn flour

1 Tsp Baking powder


4 Tbsp Applesauce

1,5 Cup Coconut Milk (you can use half coconut milk, half water, to make them a bit leaner. I advise against using light coconut milk as it often contains more nasty ingredients, it’s much easier and cheaper to add water yourself)

1 Tbsp lemon juice or apple vinegar

1 Apple – peeled and cut into slides


Optional: Raisins

Optional: Vanilla

Optional: Maple syrup or Coconut sugar syrup


Turn your pan or griddle on to medium/medium high heat depending on your stove.

Mix the flours, baking power and a little bit of salt in one bowl. In a separate bowl, mix the applesauce, coconut milk, vanilla and lemon juice and add these to the dry ingredients. Mix everything together and add the raisins (optional). Probably the dough is a little bit thicker than you are used to, but this makes it easier to handle in the pan.

Bake the pancakes in the preheated pan in a little bit of coconut oil. While the first side is baking, add the apple slices. When the corners are starting to brown, gently turn the pancakes and finish them on the other side.

Arrange the vegan gluten-free pancakes on a plate, add cinnamon and syrup and serve.

vegan gluten-free pancakes in the pan

Vegan gluten-free pancakes with buckwheat flour