[social_warfare] Every year in Bali, usually somewhere in the months between November and March, rainy season hits. Rainy season in Bali can fluctuate a few weeks in either direction and sometimes you’ll have lots of downpours during the months of June to August too, when it’s supposed to be the dry season, but when rainy season in Bali does hit, it rains A LOT.  

Visiting Bali in the Rainy Season

When you’re in Bali and the rainy season is in full swing, you can expect to see some rain, some serious rain, and then some torrential rain and thunder storms almost every day. In between you have days where the weather is drier and the sun is shining.

When you live here, you just learn to accept it. The truth is, I’d rather be wet in Bali in the rain than cold in Germany. You learn to drive your scooter in the rain and cross flooded roads (simply follow the other drivers and pray for the best). You always check that you have your rain poncho with you, because the prices will go up miraculously when it’s pouring and you are desperate to buy one. And you appreciate the sunny spells even more.

Visiting Bali in the Rainy Season landscape

Some weeks it’s raining every day, and some weeks it’s always sunny in the morning and then you have a torrential downpour in the afternoon. You never really know what it will be like, so it’s difficult to say come or don’t come to Bali in the rainy season. Someone who has been here in December and only experienced a few rain showers will tell you it’s not bad at all, and then you come and it’s raining all day long for one week straight…

In the end, you have to make your own decision if you want to visit Bali during the rainy season. There are less tourists visiting Bali (unless you come over Christmas and new Year, then it’s packed), so less crowds which is a big advantage. Normally it’s not so hot, so this might be good for you if you’re sensitive to the heat. Also, there’s less chance of getting sunburned. And of course, even with the rain Bali is soooo beautiful. My advice would be to embrace it and come to Bali, even if it’s the rainy season!

Streetlife Ubud Bali

Caught in the rainy season in Bali? Here are a few things you can do:

Pamper yourself silly in one of the many spas

You definitely have to try a Balinese massage, but the rain is the perfect excuse to add a facial, manicure and pedicure or try out something fancier like a hot stone massage. If you really want to treat yourself, visit the Kumara Spa at Oneworld Retreats.

Yoga, yoga, yoga

Ubud is yoga heaven and you won’t mind the rain at all when in downward dog. You’re only going to be thankful for the more moderate temperatures. My favorite yoga studios in Bali are the Yoga Barn, Intuitive Flow and  Radiantly Alive in Ubud and Samadi in Canggu.

Intuitive Flow yoga studio Ubud

Go shopping in Ubud

There are new and seriously tempting shops opening up in Hanoman Street in Ubud all the time. Look for jewelry, locally produced leather goods and clothes, yoga wear and more. It’s so much fun to while away an afternoon hopping from one shop to the next.

People watching at the street cafes

Take a seat in one of the many cafes and restaurants lining the streets of Ubud, order a fresh coconut and cake and watch the world go by. Hours, days, WEEKS go by without you noticing.

Kafe in Ubud

Visit a museum

Learn more about Bali’s rich history and view the vast collections of artworks by Bali’s artisans, for example in the Agung Rai Museum of Art (ARMA) in Ubud.

Watch a movie

Paradiso in Ubud is my favorite movie theatre in the world! You can lounge on comfy futon sofas, order delicious food and eat it while the movie is showing. It’s basically my idea of movie-heaven.