Why You Should Visit a Yoga Retreat over Christmas or New Year


Swap the festive season frenzy for a healthy holistic holiday and spend Christmas and/or New Year on a Yoga Retreat! Sometimes we find ourselves far away from family over the holidays. Or maybe there is no immediate family. Or we would rather use the holidays to relax somewhere warm and sunny. In any case, a yoga retreat can be just what you need.

I celebrated Christmas on a yoga retreat in Fuerteventura (click here to find yoga retreats in Spain) a few years ago with a group of amazing people from all over the world. An Australian couple working in London. Another couple from Germany looking to escape the cold winter weather. A few single yoginis escaping Christmas solitude. Together we practiced yoga, explored the beaches of sunny Fuerteventura and enjoyed a delicious vegetarian Christmas dinner without any family drama (I’m sure it’s not just my family where emotions run high come Christmas eve – I remember that one time when oranges went flying in the kitchen). It was one of the most peaceful and joyous Christmas evenings I experienced so far.

Another time I joined a yoga and surf retreat in Costa Rica over New Year (click here to find yoga retreats in Costa Rica). We tried our luck surfing the waves, stretched our tired muscles in yoga and got pampered with luxury massages. New Year started with a celebratory group dinner and ended with a big party on the beach. In-between there was time to contemplate, make plans for the New Year and simply relax. It was one of the nicest vacations I ever had! Everything was taken care of, no planning what to do, where to eat, trying to get expensive reservations, instead hanging out at a sunny beach – what can be better?

Here are my top 5 Reasons why you should visit a Christmas or New Year yoga retreat:

1. Take some time off to relax and recharge

December can be one of the most stressful months of the year. Closing business projects before the holidays, getting Christmas presents, lots of social engagements – use the free time over the holidays to take care of yourself and escape to a warm and sunny place for some serious relaxation. When we take time to nurture ourselves, we are more productive, less likely to get sick, more relaxed, and happier.


2. Treat your body to healthy, delicious meals while skipping holiday treats

It’s difficult to say no to the abundance of treats around the holidays, as temptation abounds. Instead surround yourself with healthy, delicious, and beautiful food, and build some strength and flexibility with daily yoga classes.


3. You are alone over Christmas

Being alone over Christmas or New Year can be challenging, to say the least. A Christmas yoga retreat is the perfect solution – you will celebrate with a group of like-minded new friends and have the time of your life.


4. It’s the perfect time to set your intentions for the New Year

Take time to reflect on the past year. With time and space away from your everyday routine, you can focus on clarifying our visions and intentions for the coming year. A yoga retreat is also the time to jumpstart New Year’s resolutions that seem so hard to maintain. Take time to close the old year and set intentions for the New Year. A yoga retreat is the perfect time for this.


5. Cold winter weather sucks

Instead of the cold weather, mushy icy streets and stressed people running around with last minute errands, imagine palm trees, the blue ocean and warm and balmy nights in the tropics.


Have I convinced you yet? If you are looking for a Christmas yoga retreat or a New Year yoga retreat this winter, here you can find amazing retreats that might be just what you are looking for:

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