Costa Rica, my dream destination! I’ve fallen head over heels in love with this little tropical country in Central America, squeezed between Nicaragua and Panama and the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. You’ll find yoga in Costa Rica in many places, from luxury yoga retreat centers to small yoga studios; there is something for everyone. On my trip around Costa Rica I found a place to practice yoga nearly everywhere and it made my visit so much better! Everywhere I met nice fellow yogis, studied with new teachers and discovered new yoga styles and deepened my own practice while traveling.


My Top 5 Tips for Yoga in Costa Rica:

1. Surf & Yoga Retreat „Pura Adventures“ in Malpais

I treated myself to this luxury surf & yoga retreat in Malpais and it was so worth it! The accommodation in a luxury resort directly at the beach, the excellent surf instructors (shame I really didn’t like surfing though), the wonderful yoga teacher Christina (who is also teaching Gisele Bündchen when she is in Costa Rica – not that she bragged about it, I found out through a paparazzi picture of her and Gisele) to the amazing bunch of people I met, it was an unforgettable experience. The retreats from Pura Vida Adventures are not cheap, but very well organized and really worth it if you have the money.



2. Yoga in Costa Rica in Montezuma

I visited a few yoga classes at Montezuma Yoga, a yoga studio in the small town Montezuma. Montezuma Yoga is up there with the most beautiful yoga studios I’ve ever seen. It’s an incredible yoga shala with stunning views over the sea. Add to this the great teachers and the relaxed atmosphere – I could have happily spent the rest of my time in Costa Rica here and it was hard to move on. Montezuma Yoga offers daily classes as well as retreats.


3. Yoga in Costa Rica in Dominicial bei Danyasa Yoga

Dominicial is a small surfer town on the Pacific coast with stunning sunsets. Beside that there is not a lot on offer for people not interested in surfing (I was done with surfing, it’s not my sport – but well, at least I tried it), beside yoga of course. I stayed at the lovely Danyasa Eco-Resort, which seems to have grown quite a bit since I’ve been there and now offers not only daily classes but retreats and teacher trainings too.



4. Yoga in Costa Rica in Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina is another small surfer town, famous for it’s waves and difficult to reach which makes it even quieter than Dominicial. I stayed at La Buena Vida Hotel, a cute little boutique hotel with an attached yoga studio where Michelle teaches vinyasa yoga every morning.


5. Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica

No yoga this time but the best guest house on my trip and the most stunning national park. The Casa Horizontes Guest House is the perfect starting point for exploring the Corcovado national park. The rooms are simple but charming, the views stunning and it’s easy to meet other travellers at the communal dinners. Corcovado National Park is not as famous as for example Manuel Antonia because it is much more remote and difficult to reach, but the beauty and wildlife is truly unforgettable. My secret tip for Costa Rica!




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